Diethylstilbestrol (DES), a transplacental endocrine-disrupting chemical that ravaged pregnant women: are Effects of DES Over? No, far from it; COVID shots as deadly; recall Thalidomide & Phocomelia?

by Paul Alexander

Devastating past lessons & COVID injections in pregnant women when they were not studied in the registrational Pfizer & Moderna trials was a similar catastrophic failure by pharma & FDA; harms women!

The devastating effects are not only in pregnant women but also in their children & grandchildren who would be affected life-long. Forever! This is why Cole, McCullough, Urso, myself, Vanden Bossche, Risch, Tenenbaum, Dara, Vliet etc. have been pleading and begging to stop the COVID vaccine!

This COVID gene injection, this lipid-nano particle mRNA platform has been catastrophic, failed in animals, failed all studies prior, and now is causing devastation globally. I warn that what pregnant women suffered with Diethylstilbestrol (DES) and Thalidomide (Phocomelia) in past decades, will be matched and some, with these COVID gene injections.

Pregnant women were never to be vaccinated with the COVID vaccines and many are vaccine injured and have been harmed. The outcomes for the baby in utero has been terrible and more catastrophe to come. The FDA has failed pregnant women in their decision to on the one hand, prohibit pregnant women in the clinical registrational studies knowing, correctly, that the vaccine was toxic (you do not inject pregnant women with biologically active agents especially not yet studied with harms excluded), yet the FDA then allowing CDC and NIH and Fauci et al. to vaccinate pregnant women. This blindsided us all and made no medical scientific sense! This was a devastating step by FDA officials and Pfizer and Moderna to push these on pregnant women. Pregnant women were betrayed.

Now, as to similarities to DES, “Diethylstilbestrol (DES), you are damn right there are close similarities (COVID injections to DES as to the implications on pregnant women and the developing baby in utero) and also to Thalidomide (and resulting Phocomelia where babies are born without limbs and other congenital malformations etc.).

I argue, DES, present COVID injections, and Thalidomide are lining up to historically exert devastating tolls on pregnant women and baby. I argue there is similarity to the devastation 100%, present and coming!

Thalidomide SOURCE:

The Tragic History of Thalidomide and Phocomelia

This is what Thalidomide did to pregnant women and we are warning you with the COVID shot in pregnant women, the FDA and the malfeasants at Pfizer and Moderna did not study this vaccine in pregnant women. Do not take it!


DES is a transplacental endocrine-disrupting chemical, was prescribed to pregnant women for several decades. The number of women who took DES is hard to know precisely, but it has been estimated that over 10 million people have been exposed around the world. DES was classified in the year 2000 as carcinogenic to humans.

The deleterious effects induced by DES are very extensive, such as abnormalities or cancers of the genital tract and breast, neurodevelopmental alterations, problems associated with socio-sexual behavior, and immune, pancreatic and cardiovascular disorders.

Not only pregnant women but also their children and grandchildren have been affected. Epigenetic alterations have been detected, and intergenerational effects have been observed. More cohort follow-up studies are needed to establish if DES effects are transgenerational. Even though DES is not currently in use, its effects are still present, and families previously exposed and their later generations deserve the continuity of the research studies.”


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