DIVA Fauci; I had task of MURDER BOARDING Fauci in Washington DC at HHS before senate hearings, he was livid, he detested me I was told, & I detested his science, I felt him grossly inept & bogus

by Paul Alexander

So whenever there were hearings, I would be asked to join to murder board Francis Collins & Fauci & what a diva he is, he barked at my bosses "COME ON, I am Anthony Fauci, I don't need answer that"

Diva Fauci.

What is a murder board. ‘A murder board, also known as a "scrub-down",[1] is a committee of questioners set up to critically review a proposal and/or help someone prepare for a difficult oral examination.

The term originated in the U.S. military, specifically from the Pentagon,[1] but is also used in academic and government appointment contexts. NASA contends the murder board was created by Hans Mark, Director of Ames Research Center from 1969 to 1977,[2] derived from the earlier concept of the tiger team.’

I was tasked along with others at HHS to do the murder boarding. I was very disappointed and dismayed by Fauci’s work scientifically as much as he detested me. I thought personally and scientifically he hurt the US with his COVID policies. People were harmed and died as a result of COVID lockdown lunacy. I felt he and Birx damaged POTUS Trump’s pandemic response. They did not help him or the response. It was clear to me. He knew over time I did not regard him in the way others did in DC and the scientific world, for I felt his acumen was sub-optimal and he hurt the US population with all he did COVID related, and I got no grants from him or NIH/NIAID. So I was not with holding to him. To me, he was no oracle or whisperer intellect and high and mighty, as others thought. It was mutual. I did not know him personally and it is likely he is a great human being. I am talking about his failures scientifically and in COVID specifically.

I was just amazed at the regard he got for his science and technical input when to me and many in the field, most in the research, academic, and medical world, he was actually grossly uninformed and out of step and not contemporary with the science and often flat wrong. This had nothing to do with him personally as I did not know him and he likely is a decent human being. For me, I was just stunned how inept he is. His decisions to me on COVID policy and lockdowns and school closures harmed many and actually with Birx, caused the deaths of many Americans as collateral damage. We felt the murder board of Fauci was key and I would clue my bosses into prior wrong things he was saying in prior media interviews and just grossly incorrect and I would show them we ‘had’ to murder board him if even to help him get the science correct and I would explain him my view as needed if needed. At the board.

I felt and made it known IMO, to my colleagues, that he was inept and nonsensical and illogical and incompetent in COVID as I saw it, and the murder boardings were a means to ensure he was abreast of the right and updated science. I truly wanted to help inform him on COVID so I took the opportunity for if he was informed optimally, the US would benefit.

Fauci was clearly outraged and angered that we would call on him to murder board in the first place. He was not a happy camper to be murder boarded. He felt it was not needed and it was beneath him. Him and his camp would express this. I loved each time the word went around we were going to murder board Fauci and Dr. XXX or Dr. XXX before a hearing and we were forbidden from writing down the content or recording the interviews. I would find ways to ensure I was asked to join in too, even if I was in another meeting, I would get out of that. I found fascinating to listen in and be able to ask folk like Giroir (I admired) in these often tense prep sessions. Remember, they had to be made tense and tough as a prep. Whenever senate or house hearings came, the White House and my bosses etc. felt it would be good to prepare the respondents (whomever) going to the hill by asking in mock sessions very tough and at times uncomfortable questions, even questions that we know are not true yet to get them to be uncomfortable and be able to face that in a hearing. If it did come and not then fall apart in public viewing. To be composed if such a question came.

The goal was to ensure they responded accurately and fully forthcoming and truthfully in practice and the bosses would preface that way. Be truthful as if you are under oath and treat the board as such. Bosses would remind them to treat the murder board as if in a real hearing and that they must be fully honest. The goal was to get them to give more and more detail so that the questioner at a hearing would not be in a position to posture that they were not forthcoming. I thought sensible to do this. I would love to be murder boarded too.

Fauci would bitch and scream out in the murder boarding sessions whenever he had senate hearings and when a decision was made to murder board practice with tough questions and Fauci attended, he would say “I answered that before” or “I don’t need to answer that”, and he would turn to my bosses and say “hey, Dr. Alexander is out of line there and xxxxxxx” and “I don’t need to answer that question from him” and I would sit there in the DC HHS office and smile and chuckle to myself for I knew he was livid and outraged. I would retort back “yes Dr. Fauci, you have to answer that” and he would lash out again and say “hey XXXXX, I won’t be answering that” to my bosses and they would say '“yes Dr. Fauci, that question by Dr. Alexander is a reasonable one and you have to answer and as honestly and truthfully, please ensure you are fully truthful and treat this as a real hearing under oath as we are only trying to help prepare you” and he would be outraged. He would retort out “I don’t have time for this”. You could listen to the derision in his voice when he spoke to many of us and some present, maybe 10 on our side sitting at the table in HHS, Fauci would speak as if king and some of my colleagues chuckled and laughed when my rounds of questions came up for they knew I was going to enrage Fauci. I loved it. Their eyes would be rolling over each time he spoke and was pissed. They had to me, posed really powder puff questions. I had real tough ones that would outrage anyone. This guy Fauci would behave as if you had no right to question him on anything while others would come to the murder board practice sessions taking it very seriously and very happy and polite and we would ask them tough questions e.g. Hahn, Redfield, Giroir etc. They would thank us repeatedly for affording them the prep for going on the hill is very unsettling. That we would prepare them and get them comfortable under grilling. Many people have never been questioned publicly etc. and do want the chance to murder board ahead of time and with hard questions, thereby making them prepared for a real hearing or unusual questions.

Dr. Francis Collins actually was always polite and listened and answered the questions as if in a real hearing and was very composed, professional, respectful, even when he boarded with Fauci. Fauci would bitch and bitch and even threaten he would not play along to complete the session or would not return. It was so very funny to me and I knew I was under his skin and I so did it more to rile him up, I asked him questions I knew would drive him nuts. And he would not like it and would complain and complain. Diva as he is.

I was told by one boss after one murder board Fauci’s camp said they would not allow him to murder board again if I were asking questions.

Diva Fauci sent his attack dogs but my bosses slapped back. ‘NO, Dr. Alexander will be asking questions at the next murder board”.