DJOKOVIC represents what freedom is all about; he has natural immunity and he decided he is immune & does not want a failed vaccine that could harm him; now they want to bar him from FRENCH open????

by Paul Alexander

What this shows is they have made up their minds, these govt malfeasants, what the world is to look like in the future, and they do not care about the scientific facts; or your decision-making

They, the political leaders, do not know what to do anymore and grasping…what is emerging however is so outrageous? Is this the END game of the response? That everyone has to be vaccinated and if not, you are illegal, outcast? But that's half of us and some nations, most persons are not vaxed?? You do know that the majority of the world is unvaccinated and vaccine in the eyes of US or Canada is not alike how it is in other nations.

A failed vaccine is the threshold? have we all become lunatics? but even the media now is saying we have to live with it? so what is the basis of this lunacy?

Unvaccinated are being punished and separated from their own society for making informed medical decisions; Djokovic is 100% correct and must not shift…he sees that the vaccine DOES NOT work, over 1 million cases day in US alone, vaccine fails and harmful and he is immune. I believe strongly what he did here is correct. Australia is an insane nation now but how could France say no entry in May? Do they know how this will turn by then? When at present, we see OMICRON is ending this pandemic…so did they actually set this plan up to say that regardless of:

  1. the science showing the vaccine does not work

  2. the science showing the vaccine is harmful

  3. the science showing the variants are milder e.g. OMICRON

  4. the data showing that the pandemic is over

Yet it is being pounded into our heads that this is the new society; that we now have a society of vaccinated or not, that the vaccinated is the ‘base’ population…to get into a population you need vaccine…is this it? its as if we are sitting back thinking ‘well, these malfeasants will stop as it has lost steam and the vaccine is failed”…but now seeing they wont stop if we don't stop them…we need to get to the polls even before elections and get these criminals out…

I AM SERIOUS, we have to jail many many of these people in time…jail them.


We are ashamed to be Australians at this point in time. There is no scientific reason to prohibit Novak’s entry, it is purely political to shore up support of the mass-formation affected voting public, and those who have educated themselves on the matter see through our government lies, hypocrisy and tyrannical behaviour. We stand in support of the abolishment of all covid restrictions and the return to our freedoms before Fauci infected the scientific community with his dishonesty and questionable treatment methods, along with dubious reporting criteria. We stand with Novak, we stand for freedom.