Do COVID mRNA injections (Pfizer and Moderna), e.g. the toxic mRNA itself and/or the deadly lipid-nano-particles (LNP) directly contribute to giant cell arteritis and ruptured aortic aneurysm? Likely?

by Paul Alexander

There is even a link between the influenza vaccine and giant cell arteritis ( GCA), what say you? see these 3 studies for consideration.

Let me tee up some evidence to help you ask critical questions as to the potential that these dangerous ineffective and deadly COVID gene injections vaccines can kill via ruptured aortic aneurysm. I am only asking you to put some wings to your thoughts. We are not stupid people, us societally, and you have shown to be very critical and even more technically sound that academic scientists and medical doctors. We have learnt lots about the fraud lockdown lunacy response and the ineffective and very harmful COVID gene injection. So here goes.

Study 1 for consideration:


What does this study say? Its showed that persons with giant cell arteritis (GCA) have ‘a markedly increased risk of developing thoracic aortic aneurysms (AA)’. Yet is it due to Aortitis?

Study 2 for consideration:

What does this study say and can we link it (aneurysm) to the mRNA vaccines directly? I say yes, we can.

Look at this study by Liozon et al. on the link between the influenza vaccine and giant cell arteritis ( GCA):

Study 3 for consideration:

Now look at this Anzola et al. study in 2022 pointing to a potential direct link between the COVID mRNA gene injection and GCA:

This paper is catastrophic for it points a finger directly to the COVID mRNA injection as a likely contributor to GCA and ruptured aortic aneurysm. If not directly, then tangently.

Anzola et al. reported that ‘one of the hypotheses on the pathophysiology of GCA highlights the role of an infectious agent. This conjecture derives from the seasonal incidence of the disease, viral antigens on temporal artery biopsies, and several reports regarding viral entities such as varicella-zoster [9] and, more recently, SARS-COV-2 as possible GCA triggers. Likewise, a relationship with the influenza vaccine has been described [10]. In a recently published case of GCA related to the mRNA vaccine, a similar observation was made regarding these vaccines and their ability to induce cross-reactivity and trigger self-recognition using different mechanisms [2].’

Anzola went on to say that while ‘the overall incidence of vaccine-triggered autoimmunity is low, vaccinations should continue as planned.’ These researchers are calling on rheumatologists worldwide to recognize this risk and to be aware of autoimmune diseases as a new potential adverse event of mRNA vaccines.