Do not forget, we are here in the first place because some very bad sinister people malfeasant, brought us a deadly respiratory like illness; it still circulates & they are creating variants too by

by Paul Alexander

their mRNA vaccine that itself is a fraud; do not forget that! we are still confronting a difficult ILI respiratory illness that is harmful to high-risk vulnerable persons, our elderly! punish them!

Do not forget about the virus or the fraud virus or the pulmonary illness or the respiratory illness in the first place (whatever you wish to call it that some bad people brought for us and released…), do not forget that as we wrestle with the vaccine’s harms and deaths.

The mRNA vaccine was brought for a fraud pathogen, a fraud PCR manufactured fake pandemic that ‘never was’…and overcycled PCR process meant to scare you to lockdown and wear masks…to then take the fraud shot and be on the booster treadmill lifelong!

We caught them, yes we did, now lets punish them, start with the 20 Horsemen…