Do not forget, we are where we are with the fraud deadly mRNA technology COVID vaccine, all the lockdown lunacy etc. and deaths from lockdowns & vaccine because some dark bad people ginned up some

by Paul Alexander

deadly pathogen, ILI respiratory type lab produced microbe (not talking about release date or lab vs spill over 'yet'), I mean these people must be hung, they damaged the world, DO NOT forget!

Fauci, Birx, Baric, Weissman et al., all they did with the mRNA technology, all they knew, Francis Collins and his deviance at NIH, all they did with the vaccine itself, all of these evil people, have us here and this is NOT over for they will keep it going with a sub-optimal mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccine that does not and has never sterilized (neutralized) the pathogen stopping transmission, driving mutations that could threaten the world. You can never get to herd immunity until you cut the chain of transmission and this vaccine never could.

We must not forget how we got here, again, we punish them had and deep and jail them and if a judge gets there, we impose the death penalty for all who it is shown to have costed lives. I will start by examining the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse.

All in Trump and Biden administration party to this COVID crime devised to help topple Trump. The fraud over-amplified PCR driven (false-positive) non-pandemic, the lockdown deadliness and the deadly mRNA vaccine..we hang these people if judges declare they are to be put to death.