Do you for one moment, believe this data from China, that it has near zero infections, cases, or deaths for most of this pandemic? Why has the western media, CDC, the NIH, Fauci et al. been silent?

by Paul Alexander

No doubt, the western media, LeBron and NBA work to 'protect' China, their bread bank, but at some point, we know COVID came from there and Americans need accountability, no matter what level

Was this intentional, was this an accident? Was this an intentional accident? Who was involved? Fauci? I dont know, many say so…I cant say for sure…but why? Whom else if so? Why? Was this some deep dark plan or plot? I am a scientist. I dont wish to get into conspiracy but this did not come from any wet market, this was lab man made…question is why? some say the US was attacked here? what say you? was this really to hurt the US economy? Is this really ‘China rising’? Was it done to hurt Trump? We need answers sooner rather than later.

China continues to cover up and nothing they say is the truth…IMO

again, do you believe these graphs? when the rest of the world has suffered and the US is still reeling, from the initial emergence and the botched CDC testing for the first 5 weeks, but also the devastating pandemic response by the Task Force under Trump and the inept mindless idiots under Biden…I cannot decide which is worse. These 2 administration clown cars hurt the US (and world) by their utter ineptness and speciousness, and hysterical behaviour.

Note, I have expertise in bioterrorism and biowarfare…I will opine in time on what I know, in my opinion, and I mean talking with people at the highest levels of WHO et al. as this began in Jan and Feb 2020…in time…as they sought my input/sharing on a possible biological event….