Do you understand why Dr. Paul Offit (an FDA advisor) is running to the hills? Do you understand why he says NO to bi-valent booster? Do you now understand why Pfizer offered me $50,000 & $1 million?

by Paul Alexander

Do you now understand why I said 'NO' and told them to shove it up their ass*s? Do you understand now that the COVID gene injections are deadly? DO not touch it, NEVER in your child. I beg you!

We need more Grubers and Krauses. These brave two who resigned from the FDA in disgust. Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Phil Krause.

Yes, I was in two calls in the past with someone who identified themselves as from Pfizer, and who asked me if I would be interested in a position at 50 K per month and a 1 million $ sign on fee. I responded by hammering Pfizer more and more and Moderna. Whether this was because they liked my skills and I would bring value to their company (;-) or whether for other reasons, it did not matter to me. Pfizer and Moderna are two of the most malfeasant corrupted dangerous companies out there and I challenge them to sue me when I say here again (just walk with your vaccine data), your vaccine data and analysis was fraud and you defrauded the American people and you and the FDA must be investigated for the COVID gene injections an the EUAs granted. Everything stinks to high heavens and you are all IMO criminals.

I am their greatest nightmare for Pfizer and Moderna and FDA and CDC and NIH officials met with me secretly at HHS and elsewhere in Washington to tell me how scared they were, for their safety and incomes and family, and that they were angry at the insane vaccine trials and the potential harms coming! That they knew I was on the inside but battering the administration and CDC and NIH and Fauci. They know what I know. That they, these health agency officials did not want me to stop (this was before HHS moved to terminate me), and that they felt the vaccine studies were flawed, too short, and dangerous. These were insider Pfizer and Moderna scientists.

I remind you, my office was on the 6th floor of HHS in Washington, Operation Warp Speed was headquartered on the 7th, one stairway away for me, and Moderna was headquartered next to it. I dealt with these people, that’s all I will say. Many can talk and talk and write what other say and report, I was actually there. Except for my direct boss (s), few if any had the vantage point I had nor dealt with what I dealt with nor heard what I heard.

Do you understand why I told the ‘so called’ Pfizer caller to kiss my ars* and I responded by going after Pfizer more? Do you understand why I stand next to Tucker, McCullough, Risch, Wolf etc.? In this battle. Honored to.

Yes, the deepstate and media helped cancel my income etc. but that is ok, I will get by. I am waging a battle for society, for our children, against the wrongs done.

Do you understand why people like McCullough, Risch, Naomi Wolf, Kulldorff, me, Kirsch etc. are fighting? Because our regular medical doctors took the money and job security over you! Yes, our doctors stood by and joined in on the natural immunity inferiority bullshit and the fraud COVID injection shoving it down your throat knowing you were likely immune and knowing the vaccine was not safety tested. Our doctors knew the COVID vaccine risk to you but did not care, it was their income versus yours. It was either they continued to work and get paid, versus you being laid off with no pay. They chose to protect themselves.

Because the CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA sold you out to Moderna and Pfizer! Because we studied the data and all the lockdown lunacy response and knew people would die form the response and the injection! We knew it was not properly safe and it made no sense. We knew the potency of early treatment. We knew that our children’s immune system would be damaged for life if injected with this fraud of a shot. We knew that they would die. We knew that Pfizer and Moderna misrepresented their data to FDA and FDA knew it, were part of it.

That people like me would be censored and cancelled (or they would try to) and our salary and income cut off, but would say NO, no amount of money could buy my silence and my fight for when I leave this earth, they would know I was here for good things, that I stood up with brave soldiers with me like Bhattacharya and Wolf and McCullough and Risch and Kennedy and people like Nick Hudson of PANDA. That our children and grand children would know that we waged the greatest battle of our lifetime and in so did it in defending them, to the best we could and we would never sell out! We looked into the eyes of our children and see that they were depending on us! They are telling us by their eyes, that they WANT us to wage this battle for them!

Thank you for supporting me and us. Thank you for it helps me wage the battle for we cannot go backwards. I lost a lot because of this cancel culture but I will make it to stand for you. We, I am ‘all in’!