Doctor mortality in Canada increased 53% in 2022 and most towards younger vaccinated doctors under 30 years old, very rare aggressive cancers, unusual brain & gastric & spinal cord cancers

by Paul Alexander

Canadian doctors under 30 years dying at a rate 900% higher, takes life of vaccinated person in less than one year; Canadian doctors pretending it is not happening but it is! Expert testimony

The spike protein of the mRNA technology gene injection is the main culprit, causing devastating inflammation, trauma, death.

Seems too that vaccinated persons are revealing elevated rates of suicide and likely due to the crossing of the blood brain barrier by the spike protein via the mRNA/LNP complex. Remember too that the immune system constrains cancers from growing and metastasizing and the subversion of the immune system is placing people in a vulnerable cancer risk situation. Also, serious neurological impacts and the vaccine is causing very serious emotional and psychological and neurological impacts.