"Don't release the book, change the title if you know what's good for you, do not say anymore, they will harm you"; I was told this 2 days ago in California

by Paul Alexander

Seems the title of the book is causing grief but I stand by it for look around, they did accomplish just that with a POTUS who in January 2020, was unstoppable, 380 electoral votes; Fauci won!

They toppled a sitting POTUS, engineering a takedown in his face, using lockdowns and a manufactured virus. Fauci and Francis Collins and Birx achieved what they set out to do. The aim was to stop Trump who was more successful than most prior POTUS and created the best economy etc. He was a direct threat to all that was not good and his aim of re-establishing US’s prominence was DOA, in their minds. He had to go. They hollowed Trump out from ‘inside the house’. He did not even understand just how vicious they were. He is not POTUS today, so they achieved their objective. They used the pandemic response to achieve that.

Set the votes aside. I want you to understand something. They used the pandemic response that caused deaths of people, business owners, children etc. to remove Trump. Yes they may have stolen votes but the lockdowns hurt him terribly. Electorally.

I have taken precautions as I am very very concerned. Several outspoken warriors reached out to me to share their experiences at present, they are being threatened too in various ways and pushed on. We are over the target and they have no response.

Safety now is the issue.