Doug Ford Conservative re-election was actually a LOSS, huge catastrophic loss; 43% of Ontario population voted, way less than half, and only 20% voted for Doug Ford and the conservatives!

by Paul Alexander

The Ontario population re-elected a government Doug Ford with 20% of the vote; they really told his phuck off, we do not want you, so much so we will NOT vote! He has a governing problem!

What I want to see is the other parties and others work now to educate the public that they really rejected Doug Ford and his failures and the criminality in COVID response, him and his fraud corrupted Science Table. What we want is that each action in the last 4 years and these to come, to be noted and each action with a new government in the future, to put them on notice now that they will be investigated, person by person, one by one on every decision on COVID, every contract, every tax dollar, every one.

The Ford government was a catastrophic failure and they did many wrongs to the people and 20% voting means 80% said phuck you Doug. I too, I confess, did not vote, I was so repulsed by the conservatives I would not even touch a form with their names on it. What he allowed the federal government to so the protestors in Ottawa was unforgivable.

I cannot even say I blame Ontario population for being stupid and misinformed. They actually were not. I can even tell you who I think voted PC. The truth is the population should be praised and thank you all Ontario. Huge respect. But we should have known we had to go to the polls to get these crooks out. Not sit back. Next time. But as said above, we investigate them all. The day he said he would send the police to stop us if we left our homes and question us during COVID madness, then to rescind the day after when the public and police recoiled in horror said no, meant everything, read it again, ‘everything they did, Ford and his criminal advisors was wrong, unscientific and fraud. Politics. Only for politics. That was power and greed acting. Unsound COVID polices with no basis. And he was caught and had to retract. All he did was same. Again, we investigate them.

I pray each night for the police and military in Canada, our Toronto Police, OPP etc. who were harmed and vaccine injured and do not yet know it. Those mandated COVID vaccines will emerge in the future and take a devastating toll health wise. We have been warning. There will be deaths and harms among healthy police and military who were forced mandated to take those fraud ineffective harmful vaccines. I say again, healthy police and military will die from the COVID shots. They should have never ever been mandated. We will hold Doug Ford and his government to account legally and civilly and we will take them all into a court, into lawful legal settings one day and if they were correct, we will praise them. But if we find in a court, with proper legal inquiry, proper public inquiry, that they costed lives, we will strip them of every cent and imprison them! We will never forget.