Dowell et al.; 'Children develop robust and sustained cross-reactive spike-specific immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection"...what does this mean? It means leave them to hell alone with COVID vaxx

by Paul Alexander


I had written about this prior in an op-ed but wanted to remind you of the key finding of this study which basically suggests that children should be left alone. The risk they bring is statistical zero. The vaccine confers no additional benefit and skews to harms.

The SARS-CoV-2 infection ‘is generally mild or asymptomatic in children but a biological basis for this outcome is unclear. Here we compare antibody and cellular immunity in children (aged 3-11 years) and adults. Antibody responses against spike protein were high in children and seroconversion boosted responses against seasonal Beta-coronaviruses through cross-recognition of the S2 domain. Neutralization of viral variants was comparable between children and adults. Spike-specific T cell responses were more than twice as high in children and were also detected in many seronegative children, indicating pre-existing cross-reactive responses to seasonal coronaviruses. Importantly, children retained antibody and cellular responses 6 months after infection, whereas relative waning occurred in adults. Spike-specific responses were also broadly stable beyond 12 months. Therefore, children generate robust, cross-reactive and sustained immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 with focused specificity for the spike protein. These findings provide insight into the relative clinical protection that occurs in most children and might help to guide the design of pediatric vaccination regimens.’

Seneff and Dopp

Even a table presented by Seneff et al. shows that for persons < 18 years old, the vaccine causes 51 deaths compared to one (1) death due to the COVID infection. 8:1 in persons 18-29 years.

  • ‘Recent data analysis shows the COVID jab is deadlier than COVID-19 itself for anyone under the age of 80. For younger adults and children, there’s no benefit, only risk.

  • All age groups under 50 years old are at greater risk of dying after receiving a COVID jab than an unvaccinated person is at risk of dying from COVID-19.

  • For those under 18, the COVID jab increases their risk of dying from COVID-19. They’re also 51 times more likely to die from the jab than they are to die from COVID if not vaccinated.

  • Only when you get into the 60 and older categories do the risks between the jab and COVID infection become about even. In the 60 to 69 age group, the shot will kill one person for every person it saves from dying of COVID, so it’s a tossup as to whether it might be worth it for any given person.

  • Data suggest U.S. deaths reported to VAERS are underreported by a factor of 20.’