Dr. Alexander & Title 42: We have to force Biden to extend Title 42 protection officially due to end May 23; hundreds of thousands of illegals will come walking in; this is our 'hot gates' Thermopylae

by Paul Alexander

President Biden must be barred from ending Title 42 immigration restrictions until all COVID-19 related national states of emergency are officially terminated; 'this is where we fight and hold them'!!

The Biden administration is free to lift Title 42 restrictions only after (if I understand this correctly) 60 days have passed since the ending of the COVID-19 emergency declaration (s).

This is where we stand firm and wage our battle and seal our borders and plug it up and we call on the truckers to head there to support the border agents, not as law enforces, but in numbers, the world must see this is our nation, our borders and we will defend them legally and civilly and peacefully and law abidingly but defend we will!

Title 42 was implemented under Trump in MARCH 2020. Title 42 pertains to persons coming from a nation or setting that is a country where a communicable disease was present. This is COVID so it applies. Meant to stop spread inside the US. If Biden et al. says Title 42 is dead and on May 23rd drops it, then all emergency declarations and powers must end and must end now.