Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledges superiority of naturally acquired immunity relative to vaccine-acquired immunity, to the respiratory virus influenza; DO NOT forget this clip

by Paul Alexander

Here he admits that natural immunity is the BEST in his words, over the vaccine; I may have shared prior but this clip is potent and damaging to his credibility...to all of theirs who did this fraud

“If she got the flu for 14 days she is as vaccinated as anyone else…the best vaccination is to get infected yourself”….


says Fauci…she is immune…yet this bastard and his other fraud scientists in CDC and NIH like Francis Collins lied to the US and world…and Bourla of Pfizer, to sell vaccines…again, let them defend their actions but if they lied and costed lives in proper hearings, and we show it, in legal settings, we jail them all!