Dr. Anthony Fauci is in a terribly high-risk situation; he is double boosted & >80 years old; the COVID mRNA vax for persons >50 triple & 4th shot is deadly, causes hospitalization & death; we pray

by Paul Alexander

I have found Fauci highly inept & incompetent & he has been flat wrong in every single COVID policy & statement with Birx & Francis Collins; their policies harmed us; I do pray for full recovery!!

Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins….hurt Americans terribly and every single lockdown lunatic policy and school closure policy failed. Look around. Their vaccine has failed, look around.

Someone reminded, assuming he is vaxxed and I have added this now. Credible post. I also agree their advocacy for children vaccine is monstrous and reckless and deadly. Their advocacy for these harmful COVID shots with the failure of the FDA to safe guard our children will go down in infamy.

This news is tragic for him or anyone. Anyone, regardless of my opinion of his public health work in COVID. I comment only on this and I deal with this as a human being. It once again proves that being fully vaccinated and boosted confers no protection against COVID; in fact, our analysis shows that the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies can bind to the virus’s spike but does not eliminate the virus; the vaccinal antibodies rather enhances and facilitates infection, and drives (increases risk) such persons to hospitalization and death (see UK and Scottish data).

I do pray he recovers soon and even if people strongly disagree with his policies, as I do, we as Americans and people, human beings, must have compassion and respect and empathy for all. We should show respect. I have heartfelt wishes.


Quadruple-vaxxed Dr. Fauci tests positive for COVID-19