Dr. Anthony Fauci says that he's experienced rebound Covid symptoms after taking a Pfizer's antiviral Paxlovid - which studies now show is NOT effective for people who are vaccinated

by Paul Alexander

We knew Fauci had no confidence in the COVID injections, the 4 he took, including 2 boosters as he then took the antiviral, same with Newsom, who did not trust his 4 shots

So doubled maxed Fauci with 4 shots, infected.

This Paxlovid, I have written before, causes rebound COVID and symptoms (See CDC’s warning); it is not effective, period!; the approval was based on one sub-optimal study methodologically. It is a garbage failed drug. It is not only about rebound COVID, it is failed and dangerous.

Antivirals already exist that are safe, cheap, effective and have been working well as part of early treatment, we did not need a Pfizer antiviral.


See CDC’s warning