Dr. Ashish Jha (aka Mr. Blinker), this clown, this inept clown who is now Biden's COVID Czar, for 2 years now who attacked Senator Johnson, Dr. McCullough, a dolt on the science, wants mandates

by Paul Alexander

This moron said there is evidence that masks work...where dong dong? where? one block head egg head talking to another and this is the tripe we have been dealing with 2 years now

This clown admitted in the senate hearing to us and all listening that he did not treat one patient yet was lecturing and slandering and smearing clinicians like McCullough and Fareed and Urso etc. who have treated thousands…SUCCESSFULLY…he called us all snake oil salesmen…him? Mr. Blinker? Who does not read the science and apparently does not understand the data for if he did, he would not utter the garbage tripe that masks work and there is evidence...I again ask the clown, where is the evidence?

The moment I saw Biden et al. appoint him, I knew this winter will be rocky, hell the summer, for this idiot wants you to hazmat to take a shower, this here is the mandate king…be warned. He wants every single person, in the womb too, vaccinated. If he got his way, by his statements.

We certainly have the evidence that masks DO NOT work and are actually harmful…

More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms