Dr. Ashish Jha: "Top Biden health officials sound warning on rising coronavirus infections"; what is my view? Well, stfu Ashish, they got trillions, do your EFF IN job, who stole tax payer PPE/PPP $ ?

by Paul Alexander

Ashish, do not come around talking that crap with us, you & I & all of us know COVID is done, its over, but you b****es know that once you keep pushing the fraud mRNA non-sterilizing vax, it wont stop

We the tax payer gave these beasts over 2 years to bend the curve…2 years and trillions and you talking smack about cases rising? hospitals strained? It is you and Bourla and Bancel of Pfizer and Moderna, and Fauci and Francis Collins and lioness the liar oh my gosh, I misspoke, I meant Rochelle….that are causing the spikes with the non-neutralizing sub-optimal immune pressure vaccinal antibodies directed to the infectiousness of the virus…and you know this…you know that the result of this leaky imperfect, non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission, that will never ever cut the chain of transmission, is to drive selection pressure and natural selection will select the ‘fittest’ most infectious variant that will be enriched in the environment and become the new dominant variant…you are churning out variants each 2 months or so…you are moving like a snake oil salesperson Ashish…come on man! …basic immunology…miss me with that crap…and btw, what’s up with the blinking? is it to make you look smart? if so, stop that, you appear clueless. In fact, based on what you have said the last 2 years, I cannot distinguish you from a box of rocks in terms of intelligence.

If the tax payer money was spent as it should have been, we should not be hearing from you. Hospitals will be fully geared. So are you really telling us people stole money? If you stopped the imperfect non-neutralizing vaccine, the infections will stop. You know it.


Top Biden health officials sound warning on rising coronavirus infections