Dr. Ashish Jha will join the trash heaps of history reputation wise for the junk garbage he talks at the WH podium; they know it is over & wish to make you think it's their actions; be warned, IV drip

by Paul Alexander

If you fall for this specious garbage by Jha, you will help them keep this going for many years; any sub-optimal non-lethal vaccine pressure on antigen drives antigenic sin, immune escape & ADEI & D

What he is peddling is a lie, he knows it. The booster has failed complete and he is lying to the nation. Ask Rochelle what happened after her 5th shot with the new booster. Ask her. Where is she?

This lunatic vaccine program will continue to drive original antigenic sin, viral immune escape, and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease. It ain’t over, you are on the booster treadmill and cannot get off of it, all of you who touched the fraud vaccine. We told you not to. Each time the antibodies go to zero post booster, and into negative effectiveness territory, you have no protection. IMO never did. You are headed to an IV drip bag booster program 24/7.