Dr. Bonnie Henry of British Columbia Canada says Omicron is so difficult that they must implement measures; concerns that Omicron can overwhelm BC hospitals; does this inept blockhead not read data?

by Paul Alexander

I think it is time Bonnie and all the medical officers like her and all those COVID Task Force advisors in Canada, federal, provincial, all of them, all in US, all everywhere, fire themselves; inept!!

Time to fire yourself!!!!!!!! You inept illogical irrational and specious so called ‘expert’, sucking off the teats of the tax payers treasury.

I have a question for Bonnie: where is all the billions $ tax payer money for the PPE and to prepare hospitals? we gave you more than 2 weeks, we gave 22 months. Does this mean you are a failure? This has to be it for we gave you near 2 years and you are still talking about overwhelming the hospitals…so where is all the tax money you took…yes Bonnie, you are part of this, you took it and what did you do with it?

The health officer of British Columbia Canada Dr. Bonnie Henry has said the Omicron variant is adding new and more complex challenges to managing the pandemic.

“New restrictions ranging from limits on audience capacities for large venues to the number of people allowed to attend indoor personal gatherings came into effect Monday.”

Here is the real kicker that you got to punch yourself and ask ‘are these crooks for real’? “Officials say the rules, which also prohibit New Year's Eve parties, were being implemented over concerns that cases of people infected with the Omicron variant could overwhelm B.C. hospitals.”