Dr. Byram Bridle, my friend, exceptional brilliant virologist, immunologist, vaccinologist, was smeared in media & academic colleagues; he is vindicated, he was right on deadly spike protein, BASTARDS

by Paul Alexander

It was Bridle who woke the world up, but he was not from an Ivy league, he is not elite, he is decent excellent researcher, so he was marked for destruction; they hounded him, threatened his life even

Bridle was hounded, smeared, slandered by his own Canadian people, government, by international so called ‘experts’, shamefully, they made his life hell, hounded his precious family. But he is vindicated. He was the first to warn the world on the devastating spike protein and tearing to the vascular walls (vascular endothelial pathogen) based on his expertise and no vaccine company, no one, save a few like myself, would defend him and support him. But now it is shown he was right.

Huge love and respect for him. I am proud to call him a brother.

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Support him, one of the best people I know, few have his integrity and character. Few can match him intellectually. And yes, while Canada is the outlier in managing COVID with China now in terms of insanity of it’s governments, Canada led by the drama teacher Trudeau, Bridle does Canada proud, while Toronto’s population still walk about outside with double masks, 95% of them. Ridiculous. Canada is engaging in a ‘negative ZERO-COVID’ policy, not ZERO-COVID, it is upping China.

Between the NDP leader J Singh and his colorful hats, the sell-out corrupted one Ford who abused and oppressed Ontarians in every way he could until he is and was caught and then thinks he has a mandate with an election win of 17% of voters given everyone is so disgusted by him, and the PM Trudeau, well, then, Canada is in crisis. Politically and globally. What Trudeau did to the peaceful ‘legal’ truckers and protestors, the lies of his government when the truckers actually showed academic scientists and doctors in Canada what real stones were, the decision he made, as a drama teacher that everyone is to be vaccinated to ‘live’ and earn a living, even to go on a train in Canada, against the science and his own health agency officials. This will go down in history as the worst ever for Canada for he hurt people, he costed lives, he suffered Canadians. People were harmed due to his decisions and he has to be legally held accountable and punished electorally.