Dr. David Martin: 'Reveals the Creation of the Covid Virus, Who Was Involved and Why Ron Johnson or Rand Paul Won't Arrest The Criminals'; truth be told, I love Johnson, true patriot & Rand is

by Paul Alexander

strong, David has to know major machinations going on behind the scenes & I am told major moves coming shortly and we will get some accountability finally!! I hope and trust so not bailing yet



‘Covid-19 was deliberately released on the populations by entities with intent. Anthony F@uci’s NIAID was paid $400M in royalties by Moderna. Covid-19 was engineered in the US after receiving an infectious clone WIV1-CoV Spike from Wuhan. Not only did Anthony Fauci knowingly and willfully lie in violation of federal law in Congress about not funding Gain of Function, but Anthony Fauci continued these Gain of Function studies and requested additional studies during the moratorium. Ralph S. Baric created SARS-CoV-2 and lied to the world. The fact of the matter is, we the people are currently subject to a criminal conspiracy that is ongoing right now, the evidence is right in our face. This was all done so that the world could be injected with the experimental Covid vaccines creating billions of dollars in profits and shaping the global agenda while killing and injuring millions of people around the world.’