Dr. Deena Hinshaw (BC) at AHS in Alberta? I hope this memo is a fraud & that newly elected Premier Danielle Smith is not letting the fraudulent inept corrupt deadly malfeasant AHS Alberta make an a*s

by Paul Alexander

of her! If this memo is true, then AHS Alberta, likely most corrupted health entity that caused deaths of thousands in Alberta in COVID, only outdone by Doug Ford's Ontario health, is laughing at us!

Let us allow Premier Smith to respond for if she can do nothing about this inept hire, this corrupted AHS, then does she have any power?

Smith fired Hinshaw in November 2022 and now AHS is telling Danielle Smith to shove it, that they ‘run’ things.

Over to you Danielle, we support you, the next move is yours for this Hinshaw is arguably one of the most stupid, reckless, incompetent people in public health and I reserved those terms for Njoo and Tam and Bonnie Henry. But Hinshaw is giving them a race. Please do not allow Alberta to become a global laughing stock. This would be like asking the captain of the Titanic if he had survived, to captain the next cross Atlantic steam ship cruise.