Dr. Emily Oster re-post: Oster is flat wrong calling for PANDEMIC Amnesty & stood by & joined the lockdown lunatics & Branch COVIDians; No, Dr. Oster, we want justice and accountability! No amnesty!

by Paul Alexander

NO amnesty, no, we want accountability, proper inquiries in all nations, and all wrong dealt with; these people knew, these doctors, scientists, government officials, yet did not care about the harms

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Emily Oster: "LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID"; IMO, Emily is a bit deranged to think this; punishment!
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Another time, for another issue. Not this, we want justice! You were not in the dark Emily, you were not that removed. You are very credentialed and the typical American knew near day one it was a whole load of bollocks and was depending on people like you to help inform and protect them, not join the lockdown lunacy! Normal people used the ‘critical thinking’ that somehow seemed to have escaped you (and your Brown University type virtue-signaling nutballs) during the heights of the 3 year Odyssey (saga) known as COVID lockdown lunacy that you were joyfully going along with. IMO, you all seemed to enjoy the ride. You virtue-signalers, good for only that. And in your virtue-signaling that was devoid of reality and critical thinking and clearly averse to the actual data and science, you people caused business owners, laid off employees, and children to take their lives. You hurt society in ways that it may never recover and now you want amnesty?

Never! Each one of you will have to be placed under proper public inquiry and made to answer for each decision and policy. Each and every one of you! We want justice and accountability and we will not end until we get it for what you did was monstrous and wrong.

Tell us Emily, do you support adding the COVID gene injection to the childhood immunization schedule? I have no question about your credentials and you as a person and human being. You are likely a superb super person. Fact is we do not know you except from COVID. In that, you stood by, you partook in the madness, and you are basically a coward, IMO. You could have used all your smarts and capacity to help in this fight for you knew the data. You played it safe and people like you allowed governments to do what they did. That is the point and now you want amnesty and we have not even started to get accountability. How is that?

Some debate is ongoing now that Emily is just the water carrier (like how Fauci is to Francis Collins) and that someone put her up to it, to launch a ‘trial balloon? Is this so? Well that balloon popped and the basket is falling to earth. No one is buying what you are selling Emily and you sure were tone deaf here!