Dr. Fauci, can you tell Japan that you & Birx et al. achieved the goal of toppling Trump with the lockdown lunacy fraud & fraud harmful vaccine & now it is time to go back to normal? They are trapped!

by Paul Alexander

'Postcard From Japan, Where the Population Still Lives in Mortal Fear of Catching Covid'; Japan is a brilliant & beautiful place with lovely, polite & considerate people. Yet they are trapped in place

Exceptional people, beautiful, loving, stellar but something is wrong in their minds and they need help to emerge from the lockdown lunacy. They appear trapped!





‘Covid has really put the Japanese establishment in a bind. Successive governments have made it a priority to boost tourism in an effort to help the economy to grow and finally dispel the doldrums the country has been in since the burst bubble of the early 90s – and you don’t need to be vaccinated to visit. At the same time, boosting the declining birth rate has been an obsessive focus of Prime Minister after Prime Minister. The ongoing pandemic mode, which long ago lifted in most countries, helps in neither respect. Tourists don’t want to get in a time-warp back to 2020. Most, particularly, don’t want to have to go around in a mask all the time. And it is clear from evidence all over the world that women don’t tend to want to have children when they are constantly reminded there is a pandemic on, for perfectly obvious reasons. The number of births registered in 2022 in Japan was the lowest on record. It seems highly unlikely to increase while Covid remains a concern.’

Back then, our Government pulled out all the stops to make sure it was impossible to ever forget about Covid. The Japanese Government is in the strange reverse position of having to try to convince a recalcitrant population that the whole thing is over and life can go back to normal. Everything I’ve seen on this most recent visit suggests it’s going to have its work cut out in doing so – and one has to view the future of the country with concern as a result. This is a great shame, because for all that the Covid paraphernalia has annoyed me on this and previous visits, it still remains the case that Japan is a brilliant and beautiful place with lovely, polite, and considerate people. One can only hope that by some miracle the fog soon lifts and they are set free from the Covid obsession.’

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