Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Paul Elias Alexander discuss the damage by the COVID vaccines in subverting the innate immune system in children; Geert provides informative background on vaccines

by Paul Alexander

we could drive an infectious variant and a lethal/virulent one if this non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing sub-optimal vaccine continues

In short, the COVID pandemic will never end, will last for 100 years if these vaccines are continued. They do not sterilize the virus and can be catastrophic by causing a more virulent variant to emerge.

The move by FDA to approve these mRNA injections is catastrophic and we have to stand firm and stop this. Must be rejected, our children will be harmed and many will die. None of these people can say deaths will not occur.

The key message people like myself were putting out in March 2020 was that we have to harmlessly and naturally allow healthy and well persons in society, definitely the young and children to be exposed, again naturally, not forced, just as part of life and their immune systems (natural innate e.g. innate antibodies and Natural killer (NK cells) would vanquish the pathogen); it is how we use the well and healthy to develop immunity to then protect the vulnerable. It is how we always do this. For COVID, we did the complete opposite, where we locked down the ‘well’ and healthy and still failed to protect the vulnerable elderly. Upside down. And it all failed. The key is to maintain a risk differential between the low risk and the vulnerable, not equalize the risk, where you skew exposure to the low risk.


Geert and Paul