Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche asked if I can share this widely and so I am, for your consumption, take what you can from it, discard what you do not agree with, but this is quite useful IMO

by Paul Alexander

I have clarified the issue on smallpox and the link to the vaccine and monkeypox; the manner our public health is handling monkeypox can create a disaster for the rest of society outside of MSM

  • 1) take extreme care of their health and lifestyle,   

  • 2) do not vaccinate against seasonal Influenza (!!) as this will only make you more susceptible to avian Flu (because of ADEI),

  • 3) for all those who didn’t get it in the past: get sooner or later the live attenuated, replication-competent smallpox vaccine (not yet available in sufficient supply but the expansion of smallpox is slower than that of avian Flu, so hope that this will allow for enough time to scale up production)

    Smallpox vaccine will, indeed, protect against all poxviruses (e.g. monkeypox) as protection is based upon highly conserved, MHC cl I-restricted Tc epitope. In healthy, unvax’ed people < 55 year ( those who didn’t  get it before!), the protection against Monkeypox can be reasonably expected to be 95%; this is a serious issue now given the poor response by public health in addressing the monkeypox outbreak and allowing it to expand into the low risk community outside of the high risk sub group. Persons vaccinated for C-19 will have compromised immune systems (innate and natural acquired) and as such will be more susceptible to monkeypox and a range of pathogen.


    This is a protective measure now given the failure of the public health and the political games. This is why we argue no child, no healthy child must get these ineffective and harmful COVID-19 vaccines (sub-optimal non-neutralizing injections that enhance and facilitate infection to the vaccinated person), none! (This last portion are my words to clarify Geert’s on the word ‘smallpox’). Point is that it will go fast as highly vax’ ed populations are simply heavily immune-suppressed!! It is the immune suppression that we are heavily concerned with and think of what is to come now.

  • 4) make sure you young children get NOT vaccinated with any of the C-19 vaccines (under no circumstances!) but get them properly vaccinated with the live attenuated childhood vaccines: Measles, mumps, rubella, varicella as I predict that outbreaks will occur in countries/ regions where herd immunity has dropped below the threshold

  • 5) not to worry too much about C-19; most of us have now a level of trained innate immunity or even natural immunity that will protect them moderate (and certainly from severe) disease. The situation will only further improve as the virus continues to select more resistant immune escape variants. I predict that even the unvaccinated vulnerable people will become less and less susceptible, but for now, some may still be vulnerable if they haven’t gotten any SC-2-infection experience yet.

  • 6) Avoid travel to other countries and follow the situation in your own region/ country and also worldwide, especially re: avian influenza

  • 7) Consider removing your parents from the nursing home as we’re up for outbreaks of RSV and seasonal Flu and having vulnerable people concentrated in the same place is just going to make it worse. Nevertheless, even the elderly and vulnerable people should stay away from seasonal Flu shots as they could be a death sentence if one gets hit by avian flu (ADEI!).

  • As already mentioned, I strongly recommend all fully vaccinated people to ensure access to antivirals.