Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche & Dr. Paul Alexander: We beg, "I am begging you do not vaccinate healthy child with COVID gene injection, you will suppress their innate immune system"; it may kill your child

by Paul Alexander

You will place child in a dangerous position putting them at risk for auto-immune pathology, I, Geert, beg you, do not vaccinate your healthy child with these COVID injections, RSV & death?

The natural innate antibodies are critical in training and educating the innate immune system.






Did the COVID gene injection vaccination of expectant mothers transfer her vaccinal antibodies to the new born? Did those maternal vaccinal antibodies sideline and subvert (outcompeted) the child’s natural innate antibodies, in effect, sidelining them from binding to and training the innate immune system to recognize and handle (sterilize) a broad range of glycosylated viruses like RSV, measles, mumps etc.? Is this why we see RSV etc. escalating? Is it because of vaccinating the women/mothers and she transferred her vaccinal antibodies to the new born and this damaged innate antibody training of innate immune system and now children are at risk, especially this winter season to a broad range of pathogen, pathogen that could kill them when ordinarily a health functional innate immune system (and with natural innate antibody training) would have properly protected them?

Did this early transfer of maternal vaccinal antibodies (COVID) happen before they got their series of MMR etc. that would have protected them (via live attenuated vaccine)? So are we placing our 6 month, 9 month, 1 year olds etc. at risk by injecting them with the COVID gene injection before their innate immune systems had the chance to be trained or at the least gotten their series? So I am saying, either the child is being exposed to the ‘subverting’ COVID vaccinal antibodies passively from mother or actively via their own vaccination that the FDA etc. has criminally authorized in health children. GVB has made this point and I have given it thought and I think a real issue that can be catastrophic to healthy children.

In short, the child must not get any COVID gene injection (I say no healthy child should under any condition) yet if the parents are doing this, it should happen only after they have gotten their series and/or been exposed to pathogen and their innate immune systems have been trained in handling the glycosylated pathogen. This training is broadly protective as these glycosylated viruses carry similar sugars, glycans etc. on their surfaces.

I am no virologist or vaccinologist but asking questions as I think of them?

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