Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: presents case for why children must not be vaccinated with ANY of the COVID vaccines; their natural INNATE immunity (antibodies) are potent, broad, but are damaged by vaccine

by Paul Alexander

Children my not be given these COVID injections/vaccines because:

(a) children have an abundant population of innate B cells that are capable of rapidly producing innate/ natural antibodies (Abs), mostly of IgM isotype, and that are highly adaptable to a broad and diversified spectrum of antigens or pathogenic agents 1 . Innate Abs can facilitate cell-mediated killing of host cells infected with Coronaviruses (CoVs), including all SC-2 variants2 , independently of previous immune priming by antigen/ pathogen encounters.

(b) innate immunity can be trained such as to acquire memory and, therefore, improve the host’s innate immune defense upon future exposure to more infectious variants that may emerge during an epidemic or pandemic3 .

(c) the C-19 vaccines undermine the innate immune system---by, for example, hindering binding of innate, low affinity antibodies and by interfering with the normal training of a child’s innate immune system.

(d) By priming specific vaccine-induced immunity instead of exploiting the host’s preexisting natural multi-specific immune defense, the C-19 vaccines prevent the development of optimal, sterilizing immunity in vaccinees.

(e) Whereas natural immunity (i.e., innate Ab-mediated killer cell immunity combined with neutralizing S(pike)-specific Abs acquired upon recovery from natural disease) contributes to generating herd immunity during a pandemic/ epidemic, neutralizing, S-specific vaccinal Abs do not. Since the vaccine prevents the development of optimal, sterilizing natural immunity, C-19 vaccines prevent the vaccinated child from contributing to building herd immunity during a SARS-CoV2 (SC-2) pandemic.

(f) Since unvaccinated children's immune systems contribute to the development of herd immunity against CoVs, they contribute a huge public health benefit. C-19 vaccination of children prevents this public health benefit.

(g) Priming the child’s immune system with C-19 vaccines is likely to further enhance immune escape and increase the infectiousness and virulence of future variants.

(h) Increasingly, it is unvaccinated children who will be best able to handle future infection by new SC-2 variants, compared to vaccinated children and vaccinated adults---because the unvaccinated have unhampered capacity to naturally activate innate Ab-mediated sterilizing immunity, whereas the vaccinated have compromised innate immunity and are prone to breakthrough infections (due to declining vaccinal Ab titers) and potentially predisposed to Ab-dependent enhancement of disease (due to suboptimal neutralizing capacity of vaccinal Abs).

(i) Compared to unvaccinated individuals, vaccinated individuals are more likely to become infected with SC-2 in case the virus becomes largely resistant to the potentially neutralizing vaccinal Abs---because, among other things, non-neutralizing vaccinal anti-S Abs actually facilitate entry of SC-2 into human epithelial cells of the upper respiratory tract.

(j) The vaccine’s interference with the function and training of a child’s innate immune system makes the vaccinated child more susceptible to not only C-19 disease, but also other viral (respiratory) diseases.

(k) In addition, the vaccines may provoke immune inflammatory and auto-reactive effects on individual vaccinees---causing vaccine-related side effects such as myocarditis, for example, and other potential autoimmune diseases.

(l) Bottom Line: There is compelling scientific evidence that the risks associated with C-19 vaccination far outweigh any benefits---at an individual level, at an evolutionary biology level, and at a herd immunity level.

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