Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche remains clear on one point in that he separates out the harms & deaths from the mRNA technology gene based injection (Pfizer, Moderna) from the harms & deaths due to selective

by Paul Alexander

pressure, Darwinian natural selection pressure selecting for the most 'fittest' 'hardiest' subvariants that could surmount the sub-optimal vaccine induced antibodies, & cause severe illness & deaths

In Geert’s argument, the latter cause of harms is far worse and transformational and humanity altering than the catastrophe from the mRNA shots themselves that we have endured! Again, there are harms due to the toxicity of the vaccine itself and the impact of the deleterious spike protein on the vasculature, the endothelial and glycocalyx linings etc., the pericytes, the myocytes etc. This is different from the impact of the evolutionary dance and dynamics between the virus itself (infectious pressure) and the population immunity (immune pressure from mounting vaccine-induced immunity that is sub-optimal).

The debate is that a failure ensued when we mass vaccinated across all age-groups and rapidly, and we did this while pathogen was circulating. Thus the immunological battlefield was not ‘clean’ of the enemy (virus) and thus the vaccine induced antibodies (your weapon or ‘gun’) could not arrive at full affinity or maximal binding capacity (could not be loaded properly for battle) for they were called upon to bind to virus and neutralize the virus (conferring sterilizing immunity e.g. stopped infection, replication, transmission) when they could not bind strongly and effectively. Thus this ‘weak’ ineffective potent binding put pressure on the virus’s antigen, yet could not deliver ‘lethal’ force.


This non-lethal pressure is enough to pressure yet not eliminate, neutralize the virus (cannot bind tightly to the binding domains, epitopes etc. e.g. RBD, N-terminal domain), the end result being selection of those variants that could bypass or overcome this sub-optimal pressure and infect the vaccinated person. We see this as viral immune escape and this has happened across the roll-out of the vaccine. Not so? This immune escape is coupled to original antigenic sin (immune priming, fixation, prejudice to the initial prime or exposure), antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease, pathological priming etc.

Geert is saying that we underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the vaccine induced ‘antibody’ pressure and any NPI pressure (lockdowns, closures etc.). That there is a constant dynamic and interaction between virus and immune response that is feeding back on each other and causing each other to evolve and adapt. The evolutionary biology is disregarded yet it is key as per Geert and IMO I think there is huge sage in this. Look around us.

The key is the sub-optimal immune pressure from the mounting population immunity (antibodies) forces selective pressure on the antigen (virus) and thus variants will keep emerging e.g. EG.5, BA.2.8, FL, XBB1.5 etc. It can go on for 100 years…

I am trying to explain a complex set of issues and bear with me as I step it down and I have removed parts to give a 50,000 foot Coles notes version, hope this helps.

Geert remains my mentor in immunology. I know you the reader is more intune and sophisticated and aware and fraught with critical thinking, you ‘get’ this.