Dr. Gyula Acsadi, a pediatrician in Connecticut, is saying Malone lies & did not make a significant contribution to the mRNA technology research...hundreds of scientists worked on it

by Paul Alexander

“but that’s a long way away from Malone claiming to have invented the technology that underpins the vaccines as we use them today.”; From time to time I re-read this as well as Kariko's dismissal

‘The idea that he is the inventor of mRNA vaccines is “a totally false claim,” said Dr. Gyula Acsadi, a pediatrician in Connecticut who along with Dr. Malone and five others wrote a widely cited paper in 1990 showing that injecting RNA into muscle could produce proteins. (The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work by injecting RNA into arm muscles that produce copies of the “spike protein” found on the outside of the coronavirus. The human immune system identifies that protein, attacks it and then remembers how to defeat it.)

But Dr. Malone was not the lead author on the paper and, according to Dr. Acsadi, did not make a significant contribution to the research. While the paper stated that the technology could “provide alternative approaches to vaccine development,” Dr. Acsadi said none of the other authors would claim that they invented the vaccine.


The vaccines “are the result of hundreds of scientists all over the world, all combining to come together to form this vaccine,” Dr. McAlpine said. “It was not one individual or the pioneering work of an individual person.”’



I will like Malone to refute these people, tell us, show us, come out clear and show us why you invented it as you say and that they have lied (or are misleading us) on you and then while at it, tell us why you invented ‘death’ if you prove them wrong, and why you have done nothing but make money off of the pain and not offered any antidote to it or way to mitigate the mRNA deadly effects in the vaccine e.g. at translation phase, ribosomal phase, enzymatic phase, any phase, anywhere, that would have saved lives and explain why you were silent on DNA plasmids, reverse transcription, damage to the toll-like receptors 7 and 8 etc., subversion of the P53 guardian of the genome (tumor suppressing), damage to the mitochondria, lies about staying at injection site etc. Remember, you are the gene expert so to speak as you invented these things you said and I am not an expert. I am only asking questions that come to mind. Just tell us, we will understand, please come forward Robert in an open, transparent, explicit manner, it is time we see a full accounting. It is important that we understand how come the inventor of something cannot fix the catastrophic effects of it. Did Moderna etc. do things to the mRNA technology that you simply cannot work with it? Or undo it? Are you under threat? Are you obligated to be quiet? Do you benefit financially in some manner? Any manner? These are reasonable questions. Truth finally from someone…anyone? No one is attacking anyone, we just want answers, trustworthy ones. Finally.

I want to say these people like Kariko et al. are full of shit and mischaracterized and even defrauded you of the recognition etc. I want to but they have made sweeping clear statements and youy have not refuted. The thing is you came onto the scene and became well-known (and benefitted) with the statements or alluding to being the inventor of the vaccine or technology or mRNA technology etc. (however it is stated). Yet if that is not true you have to tell us that. You cannot continue that deception by even those making money off of the persona and shows. You fix it. You should stand up and say exactly what the situation is.