Dr. Harriet Hall, Fierce Critic of Anti-vaxxers & Alternative Medicine has died while sleeping; First, we mourn & wish her haste to heaven; we never hate while I strongly disagreed with her views

by Paul Alexander

We love! Hall had 1 piece to me that was balanced (below) where she called for 'understanding' of unvaccinated as her views were strong against unvaxxed, until shown otherwise, we must suspect vaccine

In this era of DIED SUDDENLY, and she was heavily vaccinated, and these COVID gene injections do kill, then we must have it on the table. We cannot hate each other and this battle has pitted us against each other and this is wrong. A death is a death, and if I and others suspect the vaccine, it must not be open season on us skeptics and COVID vaccine questioners for we have the right to question a gene injection that has not been tested for safety. A gene injection that has toxic mRNA as the payload and the deadly lipid-nano particle to encapsulate it, and which has shown to be harmful with death in many instances. We must question.

I do not want people to say ‘good riddance’ etc. No, we mourn, this is death and painful yet her position was flat wrong in any attacks on the unvaccinated. When she spoke ‘balance’ it was important and I thank her for that. Other than that, I wish her family peace as they grieve and her a direct route to heaven to our maker and huge love even as I say she was dangerously and recklessly wrong in her advocacy for an injection that killed. As smart as she was, she fell for the lies and did not look and the body of evidence that accumulated to show the shot was ineffective and dangerous and was subverting the immune system.

Huge love and hugs to her!