Dr. Harvey Risch opines: FOX News running with the bogus mRNA technology study (see my substack) claiming it protects pregnant women & newborns is disgraceful & shame on Siegel, IDIOTIC!! WRONG! They

by Paul Alexander

looked at ANTIBODY levels; 10th grade biology student could school Siegel that 'higher antibody levels="protection" is invalid. "Protection" (from adverse events) needs to be examined outright", Risch

This is my novice voice speaking and I open this up to experts like Geert VB etc.:

I am stunned by Siegel’s misstatements. Lack of understanding. As a FOX medical expert? Does he not realize that if the study shows that the vaccine-induced maternal antibodies cross placenta, that is horrendous for the child in utero for that child is getting vaccine, vaccine-induced COVID antibodies, mRNA and fragments, spike protein and sub-units and fragments and these are dangerous, along with the lipid-nano particles (LNPs). Devastating ad causes bleeding, clotting, VITT, aneurysms, brain bleeds etc. In short, does the dolt not get that vaccinating mother is like vaccinating child? And that the vaccine-induced antibodies have been shown to be not just non-neutralizing (does not sterilize the virus in that it does not stop infection, replication, transmission), but it is also an endothelial pathogen and the glycocalyx that extends into the lumen of a cardiovascular blood vessel is also damaged with the endothelial layer;


does Siegel not understand the immunology (and I am a novice) and that the child’s INNATE immune system (first line versus second line acquired adaptive immune system and separate to ‘complement’) which is broadly protective yet naive and demands ‘training’ and development, education (after maternal protection wanes at 6 months or so), is subverted, side-lined, outcompeted (the low affinity low specificity innate antibodies are outcompeted by the high affinity vaccinal antibodies for the target antigen etc.) by the COVID vaccine induced antibodies?

The COVID vaccine-induced antibodies have higher affinity and stronger binding than the innate antibodies. This impacts how the new born, the growing child’s innate and full immune system will handle pathogen it is confronted with now (e.g. COVID), pathogen in the future (e.g. other glycosilated viruses), and how the innate antibodies train the natural killer cells (NK cells) in its education of the immune system, in handling of ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ (self-like, self-mimicking as the child’s immune system must be trained in recognizing what belongs to child and does not (especially as the virus infected cell takes on appearance of belonging to child) to mitigate the risk of auto-immune disease). Does he not understand the danger to the child’s developing INNATE immune system in a critical window of training? Does he not read the accumulated science on the harms of the mRNA technology gene based injection on the child in utero and the pregnant woman?