Dr. Harvey Risch reached out to me to add to this substack below a key point which is that YES, XBB.1.5 is on the out & while the fuss is around EG.5 COVID sub-variant clade, "dark horse" is FL.1.5.1

by Paul Alexander

yes, EG.5 is currently largest share, but it is only increasing by about 1/3 per two-week period. The "dark horse" is FL.1.5.1 which is more than doubling in each two-week period; money on FL.1.5.1

Makes huge sense to me, as it is not just the proportion or largest share in the CDC chart below, but how fast it or others are increasing and good money seems to be on FL.1.5.1 clade to be dominant in about 3-4 weeks.

Bottom line is that the boosters (XBB.1.5) will be out of date, useless, DOA, by the fall and when EG.5 is set to dominate or as we argue FL.1.5.1. So all this is public health games, these are inept corrupt people at FDA demanding this XBB booster knowing it will fail. Maximal waning immunity. No vaccine mandate was ever ever needed, that too was wrong, criminal too, for many who were laid off, killed themselves.