Dr. Joe Ladapo is now 'over the target' for the flack & blowback he is getting, he is now hitting at the very heart, striking it, he is bombing very heart of the fraud corrupted Pfizer and Moderna

by Paul Alexander

pharma industrial complex & they don’t like it; he is opening them up raw; they know in him, they got a worthy opponent; e is going deep into enemy territory; cluster bombing their ARS*S 'technically

Ladapo is striking deep into enemy territory and they have no response. But smears and slander.

And they got nothing to respond with, no artillery, NOTHING, they got nothing, except ad hominin and personal attacks and sending their banal fecal junk yard attack dogs, the media, and the inept stupid so called experts who by the way, were in charge of this failed pandemic response.

I as an evidence-based-medicine specialist can take any study and find methodological flaws in it, the best study, I can tear it apart for that is my training. That is why pharma and doctors and researchers hate research methodologists like me. So when these dimwits say Ladapo’s work is flawed, how about they table theirs so I can show them how his work supersedes theirs with half his brain tied behind his back. On his worst day. I or you can find any flaw we wish in any study if we want to. We can decide the sample is too small, the event number is too small, etc. etc. For example, a study can adjust for confounders statically and I can still conclude that the adjustment was sub-optimal and not ALL the correct confounders were included in the modelling.

You go Joe.

The got nothing, you don’t got a thing, you can’t respond to Ladapo ‘technically’ for he will napalm your CDC and NIH and FDA assess and folk like me will come forth to help him take you apart technically: