Dr. John Campbell supported the vaccines all along, but Dr. John Campbell is red pilled finally based on his review of the Pfizer documents…welcome John!! WAS THIS DATA AVAILABLE TO THE REGULATORS IN CANADA, UK ETC.? It was to FDA but was this shared wit

by Paul Alexander

Now we know why the founders gave us the 2nd, we need it, will always need it and we fight to keep it; for this story and report has no sound reasoning, no human discussion, need a spiritual one

There is no rational basis that these 3 did not get at least 30 years in jail and with hard labor. The crime is the sentence and the judge.

Sadly we see it time and again.

Walk about California and you will see, you have to be insane to live there. The US and our nations are becoming Yemen, on a good day.

Trio jailed for rape of mostly unconscious 14-year-old girl — recorded on video because 'it was funny' — given probation