Dr. John Campbell; The Pfizer documents; well he is now 'RED pilled'...finally, thank you John for joining us, we have been fighting the crooks for 2 years COVID, and 1.5 year on the vaccine

by Paul Alexander

John has 1.5 million followers Youtube: “This has just destroyed trust in authority”, minute 21.30; "in the first 3 months about 42,000 adverse events...this is just quite alarming really" minute 0.30

Dr. John Campbell supported the vaccines all along, but Dr. John Campbell is red pilled finally based on his review of the Pfizer documents…welcome John!!

WAS THIS DATA AVAILABLE TO THE REGULATORS IN CANADA, UK ETC.? It was to FDA but was this shared with other regulators of other nations? Based on this document, how could it be concluded by the FDA and Pfizer that the vaccine was safe? The risk-benefit analysis does not say this.

In his video, he raises (based on the recent Pfizer data court ordered release up to end of February 2021…yes you read that right, 2021 and they said only a few deaths):

-It appears we have done some harm with the vaccines minute 21.20 or so

-There understanding of the word safe and my understanding of the word safe is completely different minute 22.00

-Are we going to trust these people in the future minute 22.00

-In my view this has destroyed trust in authority minute 21.40 or so

-Para ‘why was this data not in the public domain before’? minute 2.10 or so

-Minute 6 why did they redact the number of vaccines given out??? then how do we compute proper denominators etc.

-1,200 or so associated deaths minute minute 7.40 or so

-Minute 8.30 or so, FDA commissioner Woodcock says the vaccines are safe…how can she state this based on this report?

-Page 30 onwards in the document, there is a lengthy list of conditions and syndromes linked to the vaccine minute 13.15 or so