Dr. Jordan Peterson was WRONG to say that Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Yumi Nu is “not beautiful.” Her beauty is in your eyes as the viewer; what Peterson should have discussed was health

by Paul Alexander

He was wrong, for beauty resides in many shades and sizes and issues; what is not beautiful is overweight and obesity etc. for it kills; it weaves a thread in many western diseases, we cannot hide

To say that she is not beautiful due to excess weight is way off the mark. If she is judged beautiful by others and feels she is and she is very attractive, then huge power to her. Yet, if we care about each other and humanity, we speak the larger truth and in this case, the media et al. and whomever are pushing excess weight as healthy and attractive is doing huge disservice. They lie just alike how the media lies about everything. It is so very harmful. That the media for its own propaganda would promote even divisive and maladaptive actions and behaviors is mind boggling. The media should get to hell out of their opinions and get back to their lane of simply reporting news, period. The information. Just the facts, as they say. We do not give a rats ass about your opinion, Mr. media.

Peterson has been very helpful and a leader to many. Praise for that. He also has his own personal struggles like we all do and he plays it out in the open. Huge praise for the strength. So I know Peterson was on the right track but failed to use the right words and I am hoping he tweaks this for leaving it only as to her lack of beauty due to weight, is not true. Lacks credit. It actually is painful to many people who wrestle with body weight control. We need to also get to the root of the weight etc. As a prominent voice, he has to help school on why excess weight is bad for your longevity, heart health etc., and ways to manage etc. This would be very helpful.

So over to you Jordan!