Dr. Katalin Karikó & Dr. Robert Malone, who is telling the truth? The Atlantic piece below raises many troubling questions I am hoping Malone provides details on; they reside at the very core of mRNA

by Paul Alexander

technology; the call out (as I know they religiously read this substack) is for the COVID Freedom Fighter media to properly interview Malone & get his responses to these to provide clarity

Our fight is to inform, educate, and save lives. This is the battle, as we get accountability for the COVID wrongs.

I will like Malone to address these issues raised by Karikó, in an honest open manner, fully, not with me, but with some Freedom warrior fighter media and asap and in a manner that would bestow confidence by the listener that this is not phoned in and the interviewer did justice to the inquiry. It is critical since The Atlantic piece raises troubling questions and places Malone in a negative light. I want to believe that Malone is not a wrongdoer and I do, I start this way, yet Dr. Karikó just cannot be summarily dismissed by anyone as a crackpot or someone looking for fame. This lady is a very serious scientist taken credibly by most if not all.

This piece in The Atlantic raises many troubling questions especially as to threats to a female scientist if what Dr. Karikó says is true. It is very troubling. The content of The Atlantic piece rests at the credibility of Dr. Malone and it is time that the Freedom warrior media ask Dr. Malone the right questions and especially as they relate to this piece in The Atlantic.

I imagine that I would be attacked and smeared by Malone’s supporters on Twitter etc. but that is ok. That would not make the questions go away and others will ask them and are asking them. Moreover, these are just a few of the many questions that are outstanding that many across America have been waiting on answers to from Dr. Malone. I am interested myself given the sweeping statements by Dr. Karikó who may be in the best position than most in terms of commenting as it pertains to Malone.

I find Dr. Karikó very believable yet we must be fair and allow both to have equal deference. This is absolutely necessary and it is not to believe one over the other. I thus call on Malone to speak to these in some manner so that The Atlantic piece content can be clarified, disproven or otherwise. The issue is the truth and fact. These issues run at the core of the mRNA technology gene injection platform (s) and thus I will write out the questions below for I myself really am not sure and confused by The Atlantic and wish that the content be dealt with by Malone; this will go a long way into establishing his credibility and I want us to give him the opportunity to do this, he has to be regarded as above board first so here goes and I copy the questions exactly as per The Atlantic piece (there are many questions the public want answers to from Malone but we will leave that for another time). I have had very serious questions about Malone’s work on mRNA technology (and liposomes, LNPs) and its role in the COVID gene injection. The mRNA technology based injections have caused tremendous harms and deaths. Most questions have remained unanswered. I hope they get answered and the truth is that all linked to the mRNA technology must be properly questioned to help the public understand what was done, what went wrong, and how to ensure it cannot happen again and we hold those who did wrong accountable. So many questions with this mRNA technology. It is very very dangerous. No prejudge, but we must get justice. Wrong was done.

I offer these questions below to the Freedom fighter movement media as a guide if they wish to get these addressed:

1)Why did The Atlantic state ‘one target of Malone’s ire’? ‘Ire’ over what? Can Malone be asked to discuss if there are other scientists in the research group that he did not get along with or they did not get along with him or that there was some level of disagreement etc. There is no blame here, just trying to understand that statement as to credibility of it. This is how the piece reads.

2)The media has referred to Dr. Karikó as an mRNA vaccine pioneer. Does Dr. Malone feel same? CNN seems to state that she is the real reason that the COVID vaccine actually came to fruition. Can Dr. Malone discuss the credibility of this assertion? Has Dr. Karikó misrepresented herself?

3)The Atlantic stated that no story and media they looked at mentioned Malone as to the mRNA technology or vaccine. Can Dr. Malone explain this as to veracity?

4)Dr. Karikó reported on an e-mail that Malone sent to her that accused her (accused by Malone) of giving reporters bogus information of her role and work in MRNA technology. Malone essentially stated that Karikó inflated or embellished her work or contribution. Can Dr. Malone comment on if that e-mail and content exists and that he indeed send it? Is Dr. Malone saying that Dr. Karikó has lied and is a fraud so to speak?

5)Dr. Karikó reports that Malone said in communication to her when he accused her of feeding reporters bogus information, that “this is not going to end well”. Can Dr. Malone tell us once and for all, what he meant by this statement for it reads like a threat and is troubling as to what he meant or intended. ‘This is not going to end well’ for who? Can Malone clarify who this was directed to? Did he directly mean Dr. Karikó? What did he plan on doing? What actions?

6)Dr. Karikó stated that she did not tell the public that she invented the mRNA vaccines etc. implying that her role and actions were quite different from Malone’s. Can Malone comment on this please in the sense that Dr. Karikó is really saying that Dr. Malone was being untruthful and misleading as to his role in mRNA technology?

7)Dr. Karikó said that many many scientists played a role in synthetic mRNA development etc. and deserved as much credit as anyone else. This is how I read that portion in The Atlantic. Can Malone comment on this please as to if Dr. Karikó is saying that he inflated his role and position and does not deserve the credit for he was not the main inventor etc.? This is a critical question for Malone has gained notoriety, fame, money etc. out of a statement that he has made day one and this being “I am the inventor of the mRNA technology’. I believe I heard him say once when asked ‘absolute’. Thus is Dr. Karikó saying Malone is being fraudulent and deceptive? Can Malone clarify for this will help resolve many issues and help establish his credibility.

8)Dr. Karikó stated that Dr. Malone was not her mentor and coach as he said, and that they met only once in 1977 when she had to give a talk. So did Malone lie? Or is Karikó lying?

9)Dr. Karikó went on to say that it is Malone who is embellishing his record and overstating his accomplishments. So has Malone been lying to America etc. all the time and if so, this is very troubling for essentially she is saying that he fraudulently misrepresented himself. Why? What is even more troubling is that Malone benefitted from this deception, if it indeed was deception and this is so very key to the issues, that we must get this clarified. Is Dr. Karikó being untruthful? And so can Malone lend us some input to clarify who is being truthful or not?

10)Dr. Karikó stated that there were hundreds of scientists who contributed more to mRNA etc. development, than he did, he being Malone. Again, this question resides at the core of the issues at hand for if this was really stated by Dr. Karikó, she is essentially saying Malone is a fraud. Troublingly is the fact that no one, no media has chosen to ask him very key questions, important one, serious ones and ones that can clarify issues as well as save lives. Is Karikó the fraud? Has she said things that are untrue? The drive to get at the heart of these questions is so because Malone’s core statement to gain access to the Freedom movement was that he invented the mRNA technology etc. Dr. Karikó stated that many many scientists, not Malone, played a role in developing mRNA technology that went/go into the COVID injections and result in the COVID injections. Who is truthful? We were not there and need to understand the landscape.

I truly want these answered by Malone as they come up routinely and addressing these can help restore his credibility. Karikó has painted him in a negative light and maybe, potentially, she did wrong and it is she who moved to smear and discredit and he can help us unpack this and clarify. This can help inform society and also help them in their decision-making. I truly want to know what happened here.