Dr. Katalin Karikó said para that Robert Malone was misleading & basically a fraud & did not invent mRNA technology as he said he did, nor did he mentor her as he said he did & he threatened her;

by Paul Alexander

if this is true & Karikó worked with Malone, when will the media ask Malone questions? When will the pimping whorish Freedom Figher media do their jobs & ask real questions? When?

When will the pimping whorish anti-lockdown anti-COVID vaccine Freedom Figher media, you know the ones, the ones who turned up as soon as people started giving their hard earned money, the ones who stole money, who enriched themselves, those…when will they ask Malone about what he knew and when about reverse transcription of mRNA to DNA? About the toxicity of mRNA? About the toxicity of LNPs that carry the mRNA (or exosomes etc.)? About DNA plasmids (bacteria), about COVID vaccine not staying at injection site, when did he know this? about COVID vaccine staying in tissues for prolonged periods, about the harms, about so many things. When will the media do its job? When will they question Malone on Karikó’s stunning claims? Why did Malone threaten her? When will Malone, Karikó, and Weissman for start, be called under oath in proper legal settings to answer questions about the harms of mRNA technology and antidotes etc.?

What did he know and when did he know it? I sure hope Malone does not sue me for asking these questions. I sure hope so.