Dr. Kieran Moore, CMOH of Ontario, if you ever wanted to know what an as*, a moron, an idiot, an incompetent illogical non-sensical fool, a corruptible person is, look and listen to him; case closed!

by Paul Alexander

WATCH: Dr. Kieran Moore is now telling parents of toddlers to wear a mask inside their own home if they have the sniffles. I will give him the Jackass Award for this week, not to be outdone by Trudeau

Medical doctors like this Moore clown should hang their heads in shame for the utter danger they put our parents and grand parents and in fact everyone, denying early treatment, helping governments mandate the fraud harmful COVID injections. They should be investigated, stripped of licenses, and some imprisoned as far as I am concerned.

It is this reckless, inept, incompetent, unscientific, medical assho*e and others like him, who operated ex cathedra across the last 3 years spewing absolute specious garbage and where all he and they said was 100% flat wrong, who now have kids running elevated RSV and similar infections and illnesses due to their idiocy and incompetence for the last 3 years, locking our kids down, closing schools and weakening their immune systems. Unneeded. All of what they did our children was not needed, our children were to be left alone. Now look at the result. They are damaging the functional developing innate immune system of children.

These morons did not even ‘get it’ that by closing schools, we even killed granny for kids took common cold coronavirus home and similar and helped taxed and tunned up granny’s immune system and thus response to COVID. These people are a special type of idiot. Beyond words.