Dr. Krystal Cascetta, 40 years old, did she shoot her 4 month old infant then herself (August 5th 2023) due to her deranged brain, addled, riddled with mRNA technology gene injection spike protein?

by Paul Alexander

Was this apparent murder-suicide due to the COVID vaccine? Can we dare ask? Are we allowed to? Was her brain addled with vaccine-induced spike protein? Drs. Malone, Weissman, Sahin, Kariko, Bourla?




How does this happen? Why would this healthy young doctor kill her baby and herself this way? What has the COVID mRNA vaccine done to us? Mentally. Are we at the tip of the iceberg? With serious morbidity and mortality booked and coming?

  • State police say Krystal Cascetta, 40, shot her baby before turning the gun on herself on Saturday morning 

  • Dr Cascetta was a well renowned hematology and oncology specialist with Mount Sinai in New York City 

  • She had lived in the town of Somers with her husband and their child in New York state

‘A statement from state police said: 'The New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Somers are investigating a murder/suicide in the town of Somers. 

'A preliminary investigation revealed that at approximately 7:00 a.m., Krystal Cascetta entered her child’s room and shot her baby and then turned the gun on herself.

'The scene is consistent with a murder/suicide.'

Dr Cascetta had lived in the Granite Springs area of Somers in New York State at the $1 million home with Talty.

On his Instagram page, he had shared images of the two in Austin, Texas, when he said Cascetta had came to visit him when they first started dating. 

The two had married in 2019 during a celebration in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, after what Talty described on social media as 'so special'.

At the time, he said: 'My Wife! It took us a year to plan and a lifetime to gather all of the wonderful people to make our wedding so special!'''