Dr. Kulvinder Gill: "Vaccine-doubting doctor Dr. Gill ordered to pay $1M in legal costs after her libel suit quashed"; if I were Dr. Gill, I would tell Canada take your medical license and shove it!

by Paul Alexander

Leave, head elsewhere, leave the vaccine injured, you tried, know that not just I, but we have been discussing with people at CDC, NIH, FDA, Pfizer & Moderna who say many will die in future due to vax

Kulvinder is my friend and I know what she has put into this fight and sacrificed and I am calling on you to support her, don’t leave her in the cold for she fought for your children to protect them from the death shot. We stand with her! Her battle is none of these shots in your healthy child and she stands for the use of early treatment. She is a class act and really stood up early on for early treatment.

Whatever the legacy media writes and in Canada, take it as a lie. False. So I do not buy what they wrote. They are a lying vicious lot.

I lived in Canada, a lot of what the College of Physicians etc. so is based on racism. A very racist discriminatory misogynistic anti-woman regulatory body. They came hard at her. But she will punish them, she is smart and well spoken and won’t back down. I spoke to her routinely when I myself was in battle with media and she gave me good counsel (I have not spoken recently and I can only imagine the stresses and strains when under attack) and this person is as upstanding and decent and expert laden an individual you will ever meet. Person of deep faith and goodness. Kindness.

CPSO in Ontario is one of the most corrupt set of people ever. IMO, should be disbanded and all investigated, Rotten to the core.