Dr. Leana Wen? Et Tu? You now running to the hills, you whacko, I want to hear you say "I am sorry", you can't just slink away, no, we have all your crazy prior vax statements & posts, you HARMED kids

by Paul Alexander

No amnesty Leana Wen, NONE! What do you say now? Natural immunity equal to vaccine or better? You caused deaths, silencing Oskoui, McCullough, Risch, Alexander (me), Berenson, Wolf, Atlas, Ladapo etc.

I love all people and even Dr. Wen as a human being. Huge love. As a family person. But I can separate her insane self from her human self and it’s the insane lunatic self I write here about. She was particularly devastating and harmful by her actions and words in the lofty position she held, especially as a hack at the worst, most corrupted, vile media outlet, this being CNN. The beasts at CNN hounded me 2 years ago to get me to come on and bad mouth Trump and slander me. I gave CNN the finger. I still do!

Remember this crazy nut ball so called ‘doctor’ and the lunacy she was saying and driving people who were confused to trust and believe her? This nut case with Fauci and Birx and the head moron Francis Collins, the real ‘Gain-of-Function’ funder, Walensky and Jha and the insane ones in Canada, Njoo and Tam of Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada, the deranged Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the nutcase former Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, these types, who shredded liberties and freedoms, and the rest of the illogical, irrational, hysterical, absurd, specious, non-sensical idiots, these imbecilic so called ‘health experts’ drove society bat-shit crazy with their tripe that was unscientific and unsound and ended up just harming people. Harming our kids. Many hung themselves. Starved with closed schools and no school lunch.

You ‘laptop, zoom class, café latter hubris-laden, arrogant, narcissistic’ nut case. All like you. You have serious explaining to do. I am being gentle with my words for you know your words and policies complicit with the fraud legacy media like CNN and MSNBC and the like, and media IT like Twitter, Facebook, You tube etc. killed people and now wanting to reverse when we cried out to you 3 years now, begged you to stop you madness! Madness it was! But you did not until now that the tide is turning.

You did not care, not one day did your salaries get cut yet ex cathedra, you pontificated and harmed people, cut their income off, laid them off, closed businesses, upended decades of our fights for freedoms and good governance. You threatened with the force of law, that we must abide with your unscientific COVID lockdown lunatic policies. You had no data or science to support, to underpin anything you said, yet jailed us and cancelled us when we asked questions.

The bell tolls! But not for us. It is now for you to answer!

Parents beat their kids in exasperation, laid off, miserable. I know, I was in the US administration and these were the reports from the States. Little 10 year olds hung themselves across the US. Due to the likes of this nutcase. Her medical license should be taken away and she must be investigated to see who paid her to do this and say these dangerous things:

See the sick public masturbator on screen too, only CNN will have these two lunatics on the same screen.

Now listen to Wen the nut case here:

This Wen psycho said that life must be made hard for the unvaccinated.

I say too little too late, you ‘crazy’, no, none of this, you must be held to account in proper forums, for you worked with big-tech to silence people like me and McCullough and Bhattacharya and Risch and Oskoui and Tenenbaum and Hodkinson and Trozzi and even Berenson and Wolf and Kulldorff and Jeff Tucker etc., you conspired with malfeasants to shill for the fraud ineffective and harmful (not safety tested) gene therapy platform (it is not a vaccine), and you must be investigated in proper legal forums to see if you caused deaths and held accountable. Fully! With proper legal tribunals and inquiries!

Revolver News suggested that Wen's admissions are "too little too late. Dr. Wen and her ilk conspired with the FBI and Big Tech to suppress these very facts that we needed to make sound decisions about how to respond to a novel pathogen. Their totalitarian streak cost us our freedom of movement, freedom of association, and our bodily autonomy."

Revolver is 100% correct!




This nutball now cites studies I wrote about 2 years now in Brownstone showing the vaccine is a fraud and failure and dangerous (she even fails to cite the most current ones we published):

‘A CNN medical analyst who promoted lockdowns and vaccination requirements and at one stage claimed "we can't trust the unvaccinated" has taken to the pages of the Washington Post to confirm claims that were up until recently derided as misinformation.

The so-called health expert now admits that natural immunity is optimal and that those who are vaccinated but had not previously caught COVID-19 are more susceptible to infection.

While some may be happy to see these long-censored claims printed in the Washington Post, others have suggested that what is missing from these public confirmations is an apology.

What are the details?

Leana Wen is an emergency doctor and professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. She was previously president of Planned Parenthood and has also served as a medical analyst on CNN.

On Dec. 9, Wen wrote an op-ed in the Post calling for an end to the vaccine mandate for members of the military.

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Wen also suggested that "businesses, universities, schools and other entities that were once justified in implementing these requirements should consider removing them, too."

The CNN analyst appeared to defend stances she had taken earlier in the pandemic, claiming that "when the coronavirus vaccines were first made available, there was a compelling case for requiring them."

However, Wen noted that things and standards changed when the Omicron variant turned up.

Wen said that research has shown that vaccines' "effectiveness in reducing infection against the omicron subvariants is low and not lasting."

She cited a recent study in "Nature Communications," which found that "effectiveness against infection was about 50 percent in the first three months after vaccination but declined to around 10 percent or below thereafter."

In a study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine," Wen noted researchers found "that there was no difference in infection rates between people who received two doses of the vaccine six months earlier and those who remained unvaccinated."

Wen further noted in her piece, which would likely have been censored online earlier this year, that the new bivalent booster targeting Omicron is not particularly effective against infection.

Potentially running afoul of the mRNA vaccines' most outspoken champions, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Wen claimed that public health officials must be up front that the coronavirus vaccine is not equivalent to far more effective real vaccines, such as those used to treat polio or measles.

"Young, healthy people, most of whom already had covid, are very unlikely to become severely ill, and there is little, if any, lasting difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated people’s likelihood of infecting others," wrote Wen.

In another shibboleth-violating op-ed published Dec. 18, Wen stated, "Abundant research shows natural immunity conveys excellent protection against covid. One Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that vaccinated people who never had covid were at least three times as likely to be infected as unvaccinated people with prior infection."

She also cited a Lancet study that found "that those who were vaccinated but never had covid were four times as likely to have severe illness resulting in hospitalization or death compared to the unvaccinated who recovered from it."

The piece points out that an Israeli study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" compared a group of vaccinated people who had never had COVID-19 and a group of people who had not been vaccinated but had been previously infected with COVID-19.

It turns out that the first group had "twice the number of infections as the second" just two months after their shots, and after six months, the "first group's infection rate was nearly three times higher than the second's."

Although Wen had previously supported vaccinating children, she cited CDC analysis indicating that over 90% of adolescents have contracted the virus, meaning they likely benefit from the natural immunity touted earlier in the piece.

After questioning the utility and good of vaccine mandates, Wen highlighted the dangers they pose — which were previously unacknowledgeable on social media.

Wen referenced two sets of statistics, one from the CDC and the second from a Canadian database; the first showing that there are 39 myocarditis cases per million second doses among males 18 to 24 and the second showing that there are 22 cases for every 100,000 doses for men ages 18 to 29.

About-face and backlash

Wen has ostensibly come a long way in her thinking in a short period of time.

In July 2021, Wen spoke to Democracy Now! bemoaning vaccine hesitancy and claiming that "we know that we can't trust the unvaccinated."

When the Delta variant turned up, Wen told CNN that "it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated."

The health policy professor suggested to CNN's Chris Cuomo that societal reopening must be tied to vaccination status.

She said, "We need to start looking at the choice to remain unvaccinated the same as we look at driving while intoxicated. ... You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can't go out in public."

Wen also stressed that mobility rights and other human liberties should be tied to vaccination status.

"There are privileges associated with being an American. That if you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated. Travel, and having the right to travel in our state, it’s not a constitutional right as far as I know to board a plane," she told CNN on another occasion.

In response to Wen's recent op-eds, New York art dealer Eli Klein expressed his surprise that the "Washington Post finally published the truth about natural immunity."

Joel Petlin, superintendent of the Kiryas Joel School District, tweeted, "The media coverage of COVID-19 research on natural immunity has evolved from being banned on Twitter to being embraced by the same *experts* who applauded the original bans. The only thing missing is the apologies and the commitment to not repeat the outrageous past mistakes."

Revolver News suggested that Wen's admissions are "too little too late. Dr. Wen and her ilk conspired with the FBI and Big Tech to suppress these very facts that we needed to make sound decisions about how to respond to a novel pathogen. Their totalitarian streak cost us our freedom of movement, freedom of association, and our bodily autonomy."

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