Dr Liz O'Riordan (top breast cancer surgeon globally) had stage three breast cancer, surgery, & thought she BEAT it; she then had 3/4 mRNA technology COVID shots (Malone, Kariko, Weissman, Sahin etc.)

by Paul Alexander

Now it returns to her, TURBO breast cancer & she is dying yet does not grasp that it is the mRNA vaccine that has done this! how come? This is why the fraud vaccine survives! Makis's stack follows too

‘As A Top Breast Cancer Surgeon, I Thought I Understood The Disease – But Then I Got It’

When will he haul Malone, Kariko, Weissman, Sahin, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Francis Collins, these people, these people who took tax-payer money for decades and fattened themselves, enriched themselves yet only brought death with mRNA technology and the deadly mRNA vaccine…when?

Did these people pull off the greatest hoax and fraud? They brought death onto you yet have you allowing them on your side arguing against it? and you gave them fame? These people? and had the Freedom Movemenet media silenced, put out of commission, afraid and unwilling to ask them any questions when they are the culprits? sucking only off of donor money…oh how putrid you people in the Freedom Movement media are, you are filthy people…filthy and yes, duplicituous, write about me so I can punish you in the media…pray I behave myself.

Pray that I do not call names. and tell all. Pray.


‘I knew too much, but now it was real. I had breast cancer. Life was
never going to be the same again.


I’ve got a confession to make. I’m scared of having an operation.

Quite a lot of people are. But it’s a hard thing to say admit when you’re a breast surgeon like me – operating is my life.

Well, it used to be, until the tables were turned and I found myself under the knife. In 2015, aged just forty, I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and suddenly it was my turn to have a mastectomy and implant reconstruction.

My surgeon, let’s call her Amanda, was the woman who’d trained me to do this operation.’

When will the medical community, the doctors, the cancer specialists look at the accumulated literature objectively and admit, that there may be a potent deadly role of these mRNA COVID vaccines in cancer (metastasis, failing remission etc.) e.g. SV40, BRACA, Toll-like receptors 7, 8, P53 (tumor suppressor) guardian of the genome etc. When? We pray for beautiful yet misinformed Dr. Liz O'Riordan, may God grant her favor and hover over her as she faces her greatest battle and help her win!

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
TURBO CANCER in Doctors - Top breast cancer surgeon & Top 20 Oncology influencer on Twitter Dr.Liz O'Riordan, age 48, beat breast cancer. She took 4x COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Now her cancer is back!
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