Dr. 'lock them all up' Alexander: An existing POTUS, prior POTUS, and would be POTUS; CDC, NIH, FDA, all alphabet agencies in USA must be stripped down to studs, fire top down to about 20 levels!

by Paul Alexander

Fumigate these alphabets, and start with CDC and NIH placed on Alcatraz, open it for them, ferry the workers daily if they want their jobs, and LOCK them all up, who costed lives by their policies

Yes, it’s Dr. Paul ‘lock them all up’ Alexander again; lock them all up, all whose policies in COVID killed people and we can show it in proper legal public inquiries. These are my opinions, you can have yours. Let us not get personal. Let us always be civil and as polite as possible. Mainly, I will never ever support anything unlawful, illegal, violent, harmful to people or the nation. Ever. If that is ever part of any discussion or action, count me out. We handle business at the ballot box and legally, in the courts and civilly. I know about the 2nd and yes, there is always a place for the 2nd. We always ensure the 2nd is used within its approved boundaries, ONLY.

Yes, strip them all down, all the alphabets, CDC, NIH, fire them all, strip bare, and fumigate the stench, the filth, the corruption out of these alphabets. I will tell you a secret….pppsssssst, lean in close, a little closer, and do not tell anyone, POTUS Trump was going to take CDC out of Atlanta proper in 2nd term and reshaping it entirely, all departments etc. all, would have had to find new homes elsewhere, not Atlanta, what he had planned was tremendous, a complete remodel of that corrupt agency, fixing it once and for all to be the marque agency it started off being, a beacon of leadership, a flagship agency, not the complicit bias and political agency it is now, not science there, just politics, being used as an arm of the government; the CDC operates as an arm of the Biden administration and did so for Obama, it covered up the failures of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic response…they do it via their bogus dangerous guidance and reports…just garbage…nonsensical….

I will not disparage the existing POTUS due to age and apparent dementia. Something is not right there but we know of many at 80 and 90 and above who function just fine. No, he is of age and I respect that. We cannot disparage older persons, and all who do this are foolish and mean and misguided in my eyes e.g. Hannity, stop that please…stop the trash talk, talk about policies, do not make a joke about Biden, his age and infirmary, do not, I detest as much as you but its the POTUS…and we all get there one day….no doubt, Biden should not be POTUS due to his health and the situations we are faced with. I do not think he can make it via health, for the first term. Impossible as his decline is rapid now. Serious discussions are needed and I am sad to see this. The man and the nation and its governance is made a joke of now and disparaged. We need to find an answer prescribed for by the process and legalities.

I detest his politics (Biden’s) yet do not think he is a nefarious person. He is not the right leader for the US. The politics is too divisive and his party at this time, not under a Bob Kerry or a Jim Web or even Tulsi etc, who love the US, that type of liberal I liked, supported, but today, the democrat party is insane and incredibly destructive to the USA. I will vote for the proper liberal democrat leader or down ticket person but they got to be sane and USA loving and flag loving and anthem loving and police and military loving and border and language loving. They must work ‘for’ the USA and not ‘against. Today, they are scary. Even the RINOs and some republics…so lets be fair.

Biden administration and his people are doing the very same thing it did for Obama as for Biden…the CDC functioned entirely against Trump, I know, they told me their aim (those who would spill and well, somehow folk seemed to like me ‘quietly’ as long as that too was a secret, and felt the ease to emote and share, I do not know, maybe it was the island accent ;-), maybe they realized I was not as corrupted as them and saw themselves in me but were too weak to stand up, who knows, good people really but corrupted and sleezy and the system broke them) and it was clear and now, they function for Biden e.g. under Trump, they reported deaths for COVID that were not even deaths, they knew it, to make the COVID appear worse, unmanageable under Trump, it was leaked across DC their modus operandi, and under Biden, presto, the deaths get disappeared, to make it look like under Biden its improving and its due to Biden et al.’s response. You get it? Writing bogus corrupted guidance and reports, in bed spooning with the teachers unions etc. Walensky spooning Fauci or Fauci spooning Francis Collins, you get the picture, and having the union write school guidance. Who is spooning who? I mean, it cannot get more corrupted than that.

So, down to the very studs, all those agencies, and move them entirely, they got too comfortable, and fire all top people and 20 deep, all departments. These bastards in DC did everything they could daily to work against Trump, every day and with the complicit media, and even then, Trump was successful so you have to give the guy huge praise. I think had he not had the pandemic fraud and Fauci et al. to deal with in the 4th year, had he been re-elected (I think he likely was), he would have gone down as the greatest, the stage was set.

But let's not fool ourselves, Fauci and Birx should have been fired, all of those idiots on the Task Force save Giroir and you know, Red while many have issues with him, to me, he was just weak, but not nefarious, he IMO and what I knew, did not work against POTUS, he was just outgunned and overwhelmed but the corruption of that agency CDC. I think had Trump not had to deal with this cooked up pandemic response devised to destroy his presidency, and this virus (cooked up too), I think he had a good shot at Rushmore, I do think so. But he failed on 2 front, acceding to Fauci and Birx demands on lockdowns and school closures that killed many innocent healthy people and the vaccines. Two of the greatest public health disasters ever.

Also, I do believe we can save California one day. But the state worth fighting for is Texas. Right now we cannot play offense because California is lost. But we can play defense and protect what we have. If Texas goes, America goes. I believe this is where our greatest fight must be. I think to educate the public on everything wrong that was done in COVID, we would have to highlight the failures of the last POTUS. The existing POTUS shakes hands with the air so we are in real trouble. If we are talking about fairness, it is fair and just that someone like Ron be the POTUS, given his track record. He has shown why he would make a good POTUS, but I think some more time. It’s what we NEED at present.

Given what we are faced with now globally and internally, the prior POTUS has the qualities to have most effect rapidly.  We need someone acting brutish. We NEED the prior POTUS. Yes, he made 2 grave mistakes with the lockdowns (allowing Fauci and Birx to devastate the US and world who followed) and the catastrophic injections that never worked and killed people, highly ineffective and should have never been brough, not those mRNAs…no, this was devastating and more harms are coming and I have to talk on this in a subsequent stack, a most critical stack, for I must share what I know; I had to first give it to key folk to ensure the record is there).

I think logically it should be Ron as POTUS next rounds if all stays true to form, for his record now is beaming, but what we 'need' is the prior POTUS and to hold our noses as to his failures eg lockdowns and vax. Look, I call it as it is. Love him greatly and he was tremendous and to me, the real deal. Look, I supported prior POTUS and loved the guy, as the saying in DC was, Alexander would cut his lawn if he asked him to, and that was true…I still think the greatest but he has to explain how come he did not fire Fauci and Birx and how could he allow Azar and Bourla and Bancel etc. to mislead him this way with the vaccines. Yes, he was misled but he was POTUS and we are in the devastating mandate and lockdown and deaths situation due to those vaccines. His decisions. You cannot cut it any other way. Yes, Biden et al. have made things worse and more deaths under Biden have emerged, I got that.

So we have 3 problems: and existing POTUS, a prior POTUS, and a would be POTUS.

IMO, the later is best based on all things considered e.g. I understand too he served in the military. His governor record is impressive. I think he has the goods. I like this guy and the gonads he moves with.

The present POTUS is a disaster and is really now a national security risk to the nation and world e.g. Vlad only invaded because he was on deck. I do not have anything against him and wish him well, but he is not well and it is clear and our POTUS cannot be compromised this way. It is harmful for the nation too.

The kind of mandingo behavior that we need to set China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran in their place is more likely to come from the Middle person, the prior POTUS, not saying that the later is incapable. The latter is very capable. But we need someone to come up in the beast and finish business and fix what he started. Fix the hot mess.

The later exudes confidence yet can be regarded as junior on the world stage and would be tested. We don't need that right now. If the latter can mandingo the image asap he is the guy. If he can bring it to the table now to face what's on tap, then he IS the guy. If there is a female out there similar, then she is the one, bring them forward fast. We have a USA to save and world by extension.

We need Rambo or at least the image of Rambo right now, and fast…IMO…so if via the prior or the latter, then we are good to go. I think the prior deserves a 2nd shot but he has some serious explaining to do. Nothing is for granted. He made 2 serious mistakes and we continue to pay the price.

We retake the 2 houses of government and as many other houses, and then we get the POTUS in 2 years. But this time, whichever, we fix the US proper once and for all.

And we open arms to all our sisters and brothers, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all colours, all who wish to join the dream and work for a better tomorrow. All our African American brothers and sisters, they work hard and are equal to us, and we stop all the shit that pits us against each other. We end it. We end this disgusting way we work against each other…no, we work to better each other and help each other, our brother’s keeper. We show gracious mercy and love and support. Forgiveness. We open arms and embrace all religions and faiths, as long as non-violent. Any faith that preaches or moves on hurt and violence to others, I do not care your issue, you cannot be part of a good governance situation. You fix that. All my Jewish, Christian, Muslim, all others, all faiths, come, lets break bread together and ‘swim’ together, we can. Lets respect each other’s rights and lets build the greatest USA and world and let us resolve to hold accountable any leader, any elected minister or congress person, any elected official, anyone, any public health leader, any scientist or doctor, who acted in a manner that costed lives and it is shown legally and properly they caused deaths, then we strip them of all money, all pension, and we lock them all up! All!