Dr. McCullough, Dr. Thorpe, Dr. Oskoui, Dr. Risch, Leslie Manookian, Dr. Naomi Wolf, my concern etc., our concern is not just for NFL players, it is for all sports players & critically in off-season

by Paul Alexander

It is in off-season that they train hardest & for those who recently took COVID mRNA technology shots, they are at risk of cardiac death due to silent myocarditis; must be ruled out before training

URGENT, this coming off-season can prove deadly, we must track what happens with the sports players (all types of leagues) given close juxtaposition to the COVID mRNA technology injection e.g. recent shots, boosters etc.

Players must ask their doctors for the relevant tests to rule out silent myocarditis, pericarditis etc., parents must insist for their teens and not just males but females too who are at risk. It is very dangerous on the field, in any exertion that the catecholamine surge (adrenaline etc.) pouring onto scarred myocardium can cause cardiac arrest and death e.g. DAMAR HAMLIN. It is not settled.

They must rule out myocarditis or similar before taking to the field e.g. troponin test, chest MRI etc.