Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice-President: "Intramuscular vaccination with flu vaccines (whatever they are) does NOT reduce severe illness, hospitalization or death from ILI. The misuse of

by Paul Alexander

mechanical ventilators, the misuse of midazolam & morphine, the use of toxic remdesivir & the withholding of useful antibiotics for secondary, bacterial pneumonia led to excess deaths; The BIG KILL

“I had severe problems with the dash for vaccines for an alleged novel respiratory viral illness which, we’re told, is very much more likely to kill you if you’re of advanced age & chronically ill (& not if you’re younger & well).

By definition, not many QUALYs are lost when an 80 year old dies of or with flu (or rather, with influenza like illness (ILI). Flu is not the simple idea we’re told it is. Most people with ILI have no detectable influenza virus on board.


Here’s the smoking gun information which the drug companies & public health officials knew before 2020.

Intramuscular vaccination with flu vaccines (whatever they are) does NOT reduce severe illness, hospitalization or death from ILI. This I regret to tell you comes from a retrospective study of hundreds of thousands of subjects vaccinated or not in UK. The same disappointing results have also been reported out of the US as well.

I recall reading these meta analyses & feeling deeply disturbed. It meant not only rearranging big chunks of basic understanding, but also accepting that for many years, our public health advisors & NHS & drug companies & regulators were flat out lying to us.

Why might this have happened? Many subscribe to the notion that the elderly are vulnerable to respiratory illnesses because their immune systems are senescent. Old, tired & unresponsive to novel infections. Well, if that’s true, it won’t ever be possible to make effective vaccines against respiratory illnesses, assumed to be viral in origin, which preferentially kill the elderly. Because their immune systems respond poorly to novel threats, they will respond poorly to vaccines, too.

What would succeed is rational, early treatment with medicines which address the multiple stages of such illnesses.

So vaccination was KNOWN to be an ineffective strategy long before “covid19” occurred. So why did the authorities act as if the reality was different? Well, if they weren’t interested in saving your life but getting you to roll your sleeve up out of fear, and of making a ton of money, that would explain why they’d lie.

It cannot be money though that’s the main motive. I’ll show you how I know below.

Soon after this alleged virus was reported to be spreading, a ropey, untrustworthy & unsuitable test was rapidly adopted. Never properly calibrated & absent some crucial controls, diagnostic tests involving PCR were widely deployed. I’m of the opinion that no new virus was actually circulating, but normal ILls were being falsely diagnosed from flu (note that we were told that the disappearance of flu was absolutely fine & no, there was no chance we were picking up illness we were familiar with, but instead, a novel disease, “Covid-19”.

The mad dash for hopeless “vaccines”, which could never have worked, were associated with several very odd happenings.

First, the public health experts all but said the same things everywhere: a range of measures were imposed. I need to tell you they all knew that none of these measures were useful in slowing the spread of ILIs. Those measures though wrecked the economies of most advanced countries & were accompanied by appalling treatments which definitely killed very many people who might otherwise have survived. The misuse of mechanical ventilators, the misuse of midazolam & morphine, the use of toxic remdesivir & the withholding of useful antibiotics for secondary, bacterial pneumonia all occurred widely & led to the excess deaths that were wrongly attributed to “the virus”.

The “vaccines” could never have been useful. Yet they are toxic: causing our bodies to manufacture “spike proteins”, which are known to cause blood clots & other adverse effects. Given we knew that, how did all four leading vaccine manufacturers choose the same, basic design? (Two DNA, two mRNA products, which never previously been used in a public health context).

Then we were further lied to when we were told nothing important had been missed out in the development of the “vaccines” but instead, it had all been done in parallel. That was an outrageous lie. They simply missed out almost all of the necessary steps. They committed clinical trials fraud by illegally breaking the blinding & deleting vaccinated subjects who became unwell. They committed regulatory fraud by filing dossiers with huge gaps in them, where required studies should have been. In the case of Moderna, they literally duplicated some parts of their dossier to make it look fuller. There was manufacturing fraud as they failed to conduct the necessary manufacturing R&D needed to make consistent product. Recall that some batches were much more toxic than others?

Then our governments coerced the population to receive these unnecessary, ineffective & toxic substances. They’re still doing it. This isn’t a mistake or accidental.

The media acted as bullying cheerleaders. The doctors mostly didn’t question anything. Scientists & others arguing we were on a dangerous path were smeared & censored. Few in the public followed their instincts that this smelled fishy, but, via peer pressure, coerced each other. The tech companies were particularly awful in lying & censoring.

All the while, the all causes mortality turned upwards as over 5,000,000,000 people on the planet received at least one injection.

A huge wave of clothing and bleeding disorders arose right after mass vaccination began. Immunological & neurological illnesses abounded. Reproductive toxicity spiked, including a big increase in stillbirths. Undertakers spoke out, but very few doctors & nurses. Parliamentarians were briefed by several of us, both separately & together. Not one of them was prepared to use parliamentary privilege to make necessary protected disclosures (one MP stood out for compensation for the injured, for which thanks, but it’s too little, too late). By that time, everyone who was susceptible to coercion had been injected & everyone who would rather die than receive these diabolical creations had stood their ground.

How can I be sure it’s not about money? Because while a small number of drug companies made a fortune, almost every other sector lost money & lots of it.

This criminal enterprise must have had the approval to do it from those who control the money and the assets in the world. Lockdown & other measures were certain to cause the collapse of the real economies of scores of countries. They are now all on life support & I expect all the leading currencies of the world will formally collapse in the next few months to a few years. Not about money, but about control.

I can envisage several viable paths to imposition of mandatory digital ID & cashless CBDCs. Every proposed transaction would then be subject to central Authorization (or not). The end of freedom & of politics / democracy.

Still the politicians parroted fear of the alleged virus, pushed the obviously broken alleged vaccines, the dead & dying mounting up.

And they’re moving on from covid19, Act I in a multi Act drama, taking us to 2030, sustainable development goals, where we will own nothing yet be happy (enjoy your bugs).

These people are pure evil, Satan-worshipping psychopaths.

They’re not going to go away or give up. Only massive & persistent protests have the slightest chance of altering the outcome.

We don’t have long, in my opinion. War, food & fuel shortages, economic collapse & currency crises could & I think will be used progressively to deprive each of us of all that makes life either enjoyable or at least tolerable.

While absolutely nailing the evil crooks behind these unprecedented crimes against humanity, I urge, plead that we no longer remain focused solely on the “vaccines”. The recovery of the injured will take its own path. Some who’ve been injured may yet perish. But if en masse we don’t anticipate food shortages (for which there’s been at least a years warning); if we don’t get some MPs & police on side; if we don’t pay in cash absolutely every chance to can & hold a moderately substantial wad of money at home; if we don’t massively protest against any suggestion of introduction of mandatory digital ID of CBDCs or the withdrawal of cash, we will witness our permanent loss of sovereignty, we will fall under the totalitarian tyranny of the self proclaimed elite class.

There is little more to say & I anticipate only a few new interviews.

Good luck everybody.”

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