Dr. Mike Yeadon isn’t just saying there was no true pandemic, he is saying there was no new NOVEL virus; I think I understand him; I will tweak that there was some pathogen released that caused ILI

by Paul Alexander

respiratory symptoms; my tweak is that something was released that 'they' knew it, they detected with fraud PCR something that was already circulating way before 2019 even

I do not think Yeadon is insane, I am in admiration of him, and think he is over the target, he is not wrong, maybe he has not described it optimally, maybe he did, I think that in the end we will learn that every single aspect of COVID, from the fraud COVID ‘pandemic’ itself to the fraud mRNA technology based gene injections…all of it was a lie, a hoax! They stole 3 years of our lives, our freedoms, liberties.

Medical malpractice at best and murder at worst. Yeadon is near the target.


Listen to Yeadon at minute 5.30: