Dr. Monica Gandhi (infectious diseases professor at the University of California) and news reporter Alex Berenson have stopped the love; now at each other SADLY; I will now get my popcorn and gin

by Paul Alexander

Look, the issue is that Monica is in a bind for she cannot tell you or I the truth, and Berenson has the VAPORS, as the mRNA vaccines are failures (we said so, Malone, I, McCullough) and UNSAFE

Slow your roll Monica and slow your roll Alex B and allow me try to set this spat straight, let us calm down here:

Let me start by saying Monica is in a bind here for she is protecting a failed and dangerous vaccine. But this is a smart decent doctor, I have learnt. Nothing negative to say of her. Maybe not all up there on natural and innate immunity etc. but brilliant.

At the core of this love spat is something profound I think she did not mean to let out of the bag nor did the news reporter Alex B did pick up, in that natural immunity is complete, robust, durable, and long lasting and life-long…she said and I quote …“Omicron exposure likely to combat other variants in future since the individual has seen the whole virus; otherwise, would recommend a booster with a whole inactivated virion vaccine like Covaxin/Ocugen (EUA pending at FDA since November 5).”

This is what Monica G is saying. This is what I see, do you? Note, I will not comment on Covaxin for I have not looked at it yet.

Back to the noise these two are having.

‘Seen the whole virus’ and ‘Omicron exposure’ means that you were exposed and got infected (symptomatic or not and likely not) and built an immune response that is your now natural acquired adaptive immunity; she is talking about natural exposure; coming from Monica is huge for she is a smart lady, though I do not agree with maybe 80% of what she says but she is very smart. Full disclosure I do not agree with 50% of what the news reporter Alex B says most of the time but he is doing a good job of sharing the information. I appreciate that. I like people to share as I try to for it is how we learn and we do this civilly, HOPEFULLY….but put a pin in that for a moment.

So the spooning so to speak (;-)) ended when Monica asked the news reporter to remove the post as he para ‘misrepresented’ what she said. This is her contention.

However, the reporter Alex B para is contending that she para ‘recommended the whole virion vaccine as a booster (and even mentioned Omicron infection) but said nothing about the mRNA vaccines.’ He is right. And she is in a bad place for she knows the mRNA has failed on Delta and fully on Omicron and there is harm. And if the variant is so mild and there is no side effects like myocarditis we see from the vaccine, then why take it? Why take mRNA? But it will be impossible for a vaccine shill like the good Monica to say the boosters are harmful. Yet she knows this. She knows the UK and Scottish data shows they have failed and are causing massive infection in the vaccinated. She knows that this is causing hospitalization and death, just based on a numbers game. The news reporter knows he has her cornered and going in for the kill.

The reporter is saying that the good doctor who again I state is quite smart, is basically saying if you want more vaccine, if you want to be on a vax habit and antibody high routinely, then better off going for the the vaccine (Covaxin) that you cannot get in the US. Knowing the mRNA is still available yet proven unsafe and highly ineffective. In other words, kind of akin to the FDA approving the CORMINATY or whatever the name of that vaccine is knowing it is not available in the US. A corrupted game, aimed at, in the end getting you to vaccinate with the mRNA vaccine. The ineffective and unsafe ones. So in short, he is accusing her of shilling for a vaccine that is not available while still pushing vaccine, knowing that the mRNA is unsafe, especially boosters. And she is saying take down the post for you misrepresented what ‘I may have meant’.

Folks, typical double talk. Monica knows the reporter is right. But she cannot say so else she will end up here with us, cancelled, smeared, slandered, and without a job. Pretty much. hhhhmmm, maybe we could have taken her to the Lincoln to talk…ha ha ha…in your dreams. Kryptonite to the likes of this good doctor. Yet with the gravitas and depth and goodness in her heart to be on any stage, just a little too ‘not on the right side’, YET. Not politically right I mean, in case you got the vapors. But she is getting there, me hopes ;-).

And folks, there it is, hopefully these two can work it out in a civil manner.

Mind you, who am I? I am no one. My views are my views.